Truck Wrecks in Texas

As air freight rates increase, more and more companies use trucks to transport their merchandise. And with more 18-wheelers on the road, and more truck accidents, the need for an accident lawyer representing truck mishap victims is on the increase. At first glance, it would seem that this might be an unusual legal specialty. However, the number of traffic accidents between 18-wheelers and automobiles proves that is not the case.

There are many possible causes for these accidents. Factors such as driver fatigue, roads in need of repair, bad weather, poor driving practices, reckless drivers, loads that are too heavy for the truck, and poorly trained or inexperienced drivers can all play a role in truck crashes. And trucks, especially 18-wheelers with a full load, can be very heavy, so crashes between these vehicles and passenger vehicles can leave victims with injuries ranging from broken bones to serious internal injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can result in paralyzed victims who will have problems with cognition throughout the remainder of their life.


If they are injured, the victim will need to get medical care and document every aspect of their treatment. Then, when they are able, they should consider securing the services of an accident lawyer. Truck incident lawsuits can be complicated, and experience in working these cases is vital.

An accident lawyer specializing in truck crashes will be able to navigate the many government regulations involved in interstate and, in some cases, international trucking commerce. They have the knowledge to determine whether Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations have been violated, and they have experience in working with state investigators who may have investigated the accident. These state investigators will examine the testimony of witnesses, the background of the company or individual who actually owns the truck, and they will peruse the police reports filed on the accident. Some trucks now have the technology to also determine a truck’s speed, its acceleration patterns, and how long it takes to brake to confirm whether the truck driver committed mistakes that caused the wreck.

This information can be expansive and difficult for a victim to assemble in order to present in court. However, an experienced accident lawyer with truck case litigation skills can compile and analyze these details to increase the possibility of success in seeking compensation on behalf of the victim.

Sometimes, the cause of the accident might not directly be attributable to the driver or the physical condition of the truck. Sometimes, the accident could be the result of the policies of the company that owns the truck. These can include overloading the truck at the warehouse, and requiring drivers to drive long stretches without sufficient rest. It is an unfortunate occurrence that with the high number of trucking accidents, trucking companies prepare for this by dispatching their own investigators to the accident scene. Many times, they gather information focused on trying to discredit the victim or to weaken the victim’s case in court.

An experienced accident lawyer handling truck cases has the knowledge, contacts, and access to critical documents to circumvent the trucking company’s efforts to shift the blame to other parties, or stall the case until the victim tires of the process. By employing one of these legal specialists, the chances for a successful claim by the victim increases substantially.