After a collision with an 18-wheeler, a person’s life may be permanently changed, and when this occurs, a semi truck accident lawyer can help a victim put their life back together. Commercial freight drivers are expected to be the safest on the road and must abide by safety regulations enforced by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, or FMCSA. These regulations require drivers to observe downtime so that they do not become fatigued while on the road, and they also set weight limits for commercial freight vehicles.

When a driver or freight company neglects these requirements, they are a threat to others on the road. A semi truck accident lawyer with experience in the field should be familiar with the FMCSA’s requirements and how they are enforced. This will ensure that the victim will have prepared representation in court or during a settlement. The operator of the 18-wheeler, owner or contracting company may attempt to lie about whether or not they have followed FMCSA regulations. For this reason, an attorney needs to be able to fact check for the victim.

In 2009, more than 3,000 people died as a result of these incidents. About 70 percent of these fatalities were occupants of other vehicles. In many cases, driver or company negligence is responsible for the wreck. This negligence may be something as simple as the driver speeding or changing lanes without warning. It may also be because the driver or company failed to inspect and repair damage or wear to the vehicle. Drivers are responsible for installing certain parts on their vehicle for safety reasons. If any of these parts are missing or damaged, a semi truck accident lawyer will provide evidence of this to the court.

If a victim suffers injury following a wreck, they should consider speaking to a semi truck accident lawyer. Legal professionals experienced in the field will walk a victim through the claims process, and will study any information related to the case. Once the attorney is satisfied with the evidence, he will put together a demand package on behalf of the victim and send it to the defendant. This package will detail the worth of the case, the injuries suffered by the victim, and details relevant to the incident. At this point, the attorney will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement or take the case to court. Before arriving at court, the attorney will prepare the victim for any situations and ensure they are ready.

An experienced attorney will often be able to secure a favorable settlement without stepping foot in a courtroom
. However, if they must, they will be prepared to argue on their client’s behalf to the best of their abilities.