There aren’t many things as traumatic as a trucking accident. An attorney should be considered as soon as possible after medical treatment when an accident with a large commercial truck or 18-wheeler occurs. If the crash is the truck driver’s fault, the trucking company will not wait. They will begin investigating the accident in a lighting fast manner; it is in their best interests to start defending themselves as quickly as possible. And they can do it. They have numerous attorneys, decades of experience, and departments wholly dedicated to minimizing and even avoiding paying reasonable claims. That is why the timing is important in calling an attorney. A law firm with experience in these matters can begin their investigation as soon as the call is received.


One reason to call a trucking accident attorney is that liability may be hard to show in this type of wreck. An accident involving a big-rig often concerns more than just the driver. It often involves several parties, whom some or all may be held liable, including the driver, the truck owner, and the truck manufacturer.

A trucking accident attorney has an understanding of the federal rules and regulations that govern the trucking industry. There are specific laws that only apply to the truck industry and not to privately owned passenger vehicles. A lawyer familiar with these rules knows how they apply to individual cases.

A qualified lawyer will put a skilled investigator on the case to find out what caused the crash. They will also use discovery to find any pertinent documentation to support the case.


There can be numerous causes of a trucking accident. An attorney familiar with these cases will know that the top three reasons that trucking accidents occur are:

  • Distraction from long hours and boredom – Hours and hours on the road can be boring for anyone. Imagine having a job that entails driving all day long, every day. Seeking to alleviate this boredom, drivers use music, radios, and cellular phones. Unfortunately, these can become a major distraction that might lead to accidents.
  • Maintenance issues – Poor repair practices are obvious problems for the trucking industry. Faulty brakes or worn tires can be unforgiving at high speeds. Proper maintenance is expensive but, in the long run, can save lives. Improper maintenance will have the opposite effect.
  • Driver Fatigue – the number one cause of trucking accidents is driver tiredness. Long hours behind the wheel can cause fatigue. Fatigue diminishes alertness and slows response time, creating conditions that are unsafe at any speed.

It is best to hire legal counsel with a proven track record of success in winning claims involving big rigs. Trying it alone would be a challenging and expensive uphill battle, with probably less than hoped for results. An experienced trucking accident attorney will use their proficiency and expertise to the injured party’s advantage.