A semi truck accident lawyer in Houston has to handle some of the worst injury cases possible, as the extreme weight difference between a commercial vehicle and a passenger car can lead to horrific wrecks. It’s, therefore, important that drivers in control of commercial vehicles be as safe as possible on the road. Commercial drivers must get regular rest, maintain safe speeds, observe all traffic regulations, and remain alert at all times. It is also important that the company that owns the vehicle and employs the driver maintain its fleet and inspect every vehicle regularly. If there is a lapse anywhere in the process, the results can be tragic.


The largest city in Texas experiences thousands of vehicle crashes every year, including dozens of wrecks involving commercial vehicles. As a result, Houston attorneys are well equipped for these cases. For a victim, this can be a major relief because commercial vehicle crashes are much more complicated than standard passenger wrecks. Claims involving passenger vehicles are fairly straightforward, as liability will fall on whichever driver was in violation of traffic regulations at the time. A commercial vehicle, though, is often managed by several parties, any of which may share liability in the event of a crash. And commercial transport companies can make the situation much more complicated by engaging in underhanded tactics. Specifically, some employers will claim their drivers are independent contractors, deflecting liability altogether. This practice is no longer allowed by most states, but commercial transport companies may attempt it anyway.

A single crash can involve the driver, the driver’s employer, the vehicle owner, the personnel responsible for maintaining the vehicle, and any companies responsible for manufacturing the vehicle, depending on the circumstances. If the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, the establishment that served the driver may also share responsibility due to dram shop laws.

With so many people involved in a single wreck, it can be difficult determining whom to file a claim against and how to approach a multipronged case. An attorney can help a victim focus their case so that it is targeted at the parties liable for a wreck.

Victims have to fight an uphill battle when pursuing a claim involving a commercial vehicle crash. That’s because commercial transport companies employ their own team of investigators to respond to any wreck. The investigator is paid by the commercial transport company, so they will not be fair to the victim in most cases. All evidence the investigator gathers will likely implicate the victim, and it will be used against the victim during settlement and trial.

However, a semi truck accident lawyer working out of Houston will be able to counter these tactics and ensure the victim receives a fair settlement, and if needed, representation in the courtroom.