Our country’s economy relies on the truck driving industry, which makes it even more important for the industry to takes all necessary steps and precautions to avoid a commercial trucking accident. With the long hours driven, extreme distances traveled and potential inclement weather encountered, this is not always possible. Many factors contribute to accidents involving truckers and their vehicles, though a few are considered to be the main causes.


When looking at accidents involving truckers, the error of the driver is an important consideration. Anything from fatigue, being under the influence of a substance, forgetfulness, or carelessness can lead to a crash. Truck companies have many regulations in place to help prevent fatal or harmful accidents due to these types of errors, however, they are risks nonetheless.


The machinery used in big rigs is very dangerous. Picture tons of steel traveling at high speeds, sometimes in inclement weather for very long periods of time. This can create the perfect storm of events to cause a commercial trucking accident if a part or piece of machinery is defective or ineffective. Regulatory measures can be taken by drivers and the companies they work for to avoid accidents.


As with any moving vehicle, trucks are at risk when traveling on roads during inclement weather. A commercial trucking accident is more likely to occur during rain, sleet or snow, as trucks have a harder time stopping or steering in these conditions. The heavy loads they carry cause great danger to the drivers and passengers of other vehicles in these situations. As a result, many people each year are injured or killed in accidents with big rigs.


A major factor in accidents involving trucks is the weight or contents of the load being carried. Weight and loading regulations are in place for this exact reason, however, when a commercial trucking accident occurs, it could be due to improper loading. Improper loading refers to imbalanced loads, unsecured loads, or overweight loads. The regulations in place for truckers state exactly how certain loads should be loaded, what types of security measures should be taken to ensure loads don’t fall or shift during travel, and other concerns that could lead to dangerous accidents.


When selecting a trucking company or driver, industries need to be careful to ensure that all proper regulations are being followed and the truck and driver are in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This agency works with law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels to ensure the safety of all involved in the industry.

When a commercial trucking accident occurs, it is important to find the cause so the industry can increase standards and hopefully prevent similar accidents from occurring. If a victim of an accident such as this is injured, they may choose to seek out the cause as support for a possible lawsuit, should they decide that is the right step for them to take.