Tire Defects Can Cause Many Different Types Of Auto Accidents

Tire defects are an unfortunate aspect of the automobile industry. While the car owner must take responsibility for maintaining and monitoring tire pressure, sometimes, despite due diligence, the tire will fail because of a defect. When this happens on the road while the vehicle is in motion, the potential for injury and damage to property can be extreme, depending on the severity of the event.

Typical tire defects can cause blowouts, separation of the tread, and sudden loss of air pressure due to a defect in either the seal or the stem. Accidents that can stem from these flaws range from rollovers on the highway to blindness and decapitation from filling or changing a defective tire.  Many different types of accidents have occurred as a direct result of a manufacturing flaw, with many ending in death for the victim. While tire manufacturers have made significant strides in improving the safety of their products, there still continues to be an alarming number of accidents each year. Negligence and poor design are still factors in defects, and tire manufacturers are liable for damages. Sometimes it may not be the tire itself, but the rim or the installation that causes problems.

Unfortunately, there are potentially millions of recalled tires still on the road today. Those unaware of the recalls for tire defects are putting themselves and others on the road at great risk. Tread separation can affect other vehicles nearby when they shred, causing damage to unsuspecting vehicles sharing the roadways. For the sake of consumer safety, people should educate themselves on any recalls posted. Although a number of recalls exist, issues can still arise with products not found on the recall list. Along with staying informed, consumers should inspect their tires frequently. Look for any unusual bubbles, tread that may be unusually worn, any steel threads that may be apparent, and always make sure the tires are inflated to the proper pounds per square inch (PSI), as listed on the wall of the tire.

When consumers have done all they can to ensure their own safety and still experience damage due to this type of flaw, many have sought the help of a lawyer. As more lawsuits are filed against the manufacturers of faulty products, consumer safety should improve.