Texas Personal Injury Attorneys Deal With Many Types Of Cases

In Texas, a personal injury attorney needs to be experienced in many types of cases. There aren’t many lawyers in the state that are qualified to oversee these suits, but when a victim needs legal help, these are the professionals worth contacting. Passing the Bar is not enough to provide adequate legal services to these victims. In the aftermath of an accident or act of negligence, a victim should consider professionals that have advanced credentials and a long case history.

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization, or TBLS, is responsible for giving accreditation to legal specialists in the state. In the state, there are more than 70,000 professionals who are able to practice law. However, only about 7,000 of these lawyers are specialized in a certain field. The TBLS recognizes 21 distinct areas of law that a professional may seek certification in. In Texas, becoming a personal injury attorney is one of these areas. This means that in every city in the state, there are only a select few that are certified in this field of law. It’s important to select a professional who has been approved by the TBLS, because this is the only oversight organization in the state that ensures specialists are qualified to practice. Before certification through the TBLS, a lawyer must attain five years of experience in practicing law and must have three years of experience in their chosen specialty. Applicants for certification must also provide 10 references to the TBLS that are both qualified and vetted. To attain certification, the lawyer must pass an examination that takes an entire day to administer.

TBLS certified professionals are the only lawyers allowed to represent themselves as legal specialists in the state. Members of the TBLS must also refresh their membership annually through continuing education that is updated with the most recent trends in the specialty. Finally, TBLS specialists must also periodically affirm their membership through references offered by their peers in the field. These procedures ensure that, in Texas, a personal injury attorney has the knowledge to handle every case properly.

In addition to TBLS certification a Texas personal injury attorney should also be a member of multiple industry associations. Membership in these associations means that the professional is working to stay up to date within the field. Industry associations unify lawyers so that they can share their knowledge with each other. Because law is a field that changes often, staying plugged into the industry ensures that the lawyer is aware of any new developments. In Texas, a personal injury attorney should maintain membership in organizations like the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists and a local organization, like the Houston Trial Lawyers Association.

When a person is searching for a lawyer for their case, it can be difficult to find the best fit just going by a list of qualifications. Some lawyers are better at handling vehicle accidents, while others are experienced in workplace incidents. Fortunately, many lawyers offer free consultation to people looking for legal guidance. During this consultation, anyone who is considering hiring a lawyer should ask about their credentials and make sure they are experienced in similar cases.