The swimming pool  is supposed to be the place where the family has fun in the sun, but when it claims lives or causes harm, its’ time to contact an accident lawyer versed in swimming pool accidents. Sadly, a fatal pool accident is more likely to happen than most would think, and each day an average of nine people die by unintentional drowning. The facts surrounding this unlikely danger are sobering, and anyone with young children should take extra care when around them.

Infants and young children are particularly at risk, and among kids under 15 years old, unintentional drowning is the second-leading cause of death, and around 5,000 are hospitalized every year for it. Of those that make it to the hospital, 15 percent will die and 20 percent will suffer permanent neurological dysfunction. When something devastating like a slip and fall accident at  a swimming pool  happens a lawyer should be contacted. While a lifeguard may be comforting to those who drop their kids off for the day at the local park, 19 percent of drowning fatalities involving children are at public places with lifeguards on duty.

An accident in a swimming pool can be caused by a number of reasons, and many of them  can be slip and fall caused due to negligence by the designer or business maintaining the area. Some of them may include:

– A murky or cloudy body of water, as this can prevent a lifeguard from seeing anyone in distress. In many cases, this is the cause of wrongful death, and by the time the victim is spotted, it’s often too late.

– If the business or residential area in charge of the area does not employ a proper maintenance crew, the quality of the water may be compromised, or rescue equipment may not be on hand when there’s a crisis. Also, inaccurate maintenance logs may make it difficult to track responsibilities, and this may lead to negligence that a swimming pool accident lawyer will find.

– Overcrowded public areas can be dangerous for anyone, but especially for young children. If the flow of traffic into the area is not monitored, small kids may be injured or unseen if they are in trouble.

– Even if the place is closed down for the day, the people in charge are still negligent if measures to lock the place up and keep children out are inadequate.

– Outdated or malfunctioning drain covers can grab hair or skin, causing trauma or death if not quickly detected.

A lawyer well versed in swimming pool accidents will also verify that the apartment, hotel or property has the necessary licensing to maintain the area properly. Water parks and resorts may also be culpable if dangerous spots are not marked off like they are supposed to be.

There are many tools that a swimming pool accident lawyer has at his or her disposal, and they can perform an expert investigation that can reveal any negligence that may have occurred prior to the injury or death. This investigation often includes usage of state of the art tools that are impossible to get ahold of otherwise. In addition, they can serve as a legal advisor that will make a strong case for compensation for the aggrieved family.