During the summer, people across the state of Texas think of the neighborhood pool as a refuge, but these refreshing treats can be dangerous, especially for children, and when something goes tragically wrong, the swimming pool accident claims process can be extremely complicated. When an injury or death occurs, it is nearly impossible for someone who is not trained to spot what caused the incident. Combined with the long, drawn out details in the courtroom, getting restitution may seem unlikely. Because of this, many families seek out an experienced personal injury attorney who can help secure recompense.

Everyone thinks of motor crashes as the biggest danger when it comes to children, but these favorite summer locales are 14 times more likely to cause a fatality in children who are 4 years old or younger. In fact, drowning is the second-leading factor in injury-related deaths to those who are 15 or younger. This year, around 5,000 kids under 14 will be taken to the hospital for drowning-related injuries, 15 percent will die in the hospital, and 20 percent will be stricken with permanent neurological damage. In short, this is a serious cause of pain and suffering, and that’s why swimming pool accident claims should be given proper attention.

The reason why the matter is so complicated is twofold. For one, it can be difficult to figure out what caused the incident, and if the people responsible for the area’s maintenance are liable. In short, if there is anything that suggests negligence, then it is up to the property owner to make amends to the victim and their family. There are many things that can injure or kill a person when swimming, but one of the leading causes is water that is too murky to see through. This may seem strange, many swimming pool accident claims are filed citing murky water due to poor maintenance as the cause. The longer water goes without treatment, the more opaque it becomes, and in some cases, it can be nearly impossible to spot someone who is unconscious under the surface. In these cases, a lifeguard is essentially of no use.

Detecting the cause of injury is something that a professional experienced in handling swimming pool accident claims has been trained to find. These attorneys know what to check out and have the tools to do so. Every state and city has its own set of regulations regarding the proper maintenance and supervision of these areas, and this is knowledge an attorney should have before putting a case together. If the drain or maintenance equipment is out of date or malfunctioning, they will be able to detect this. If the area is allowed to be overcrowded and represents a major hazard to young children, these experts will spot that right away as well. If the design of the area is inherently dangerous, an experienced attorney will recognize it intuitively.

In short, before filing any swimming pool accident claims, it may be in the best interest of the victim or their family get an ally that has knowledge and experience in this area. Not only will they find the root cause of the injury, they will be able to put together the strongest possible case to get justice for the victim.