Nearly any serious construction injury may require lawyers to ensure a proper and fair settlement is reached. After the economic recession of 2008, the construction industry suffered a drastic reduction in production. This decline led to a massive string of personnel layoffs, and companies were searching frantically for any means to trim their overhead expenses. Although not universally common, one method employed by some companies was to maintain the use of faulty or outdated equipment. As one can imagine, this methodology garnered an environment with the dangerous potential to cause both minor and catastrophic injuries to these workers.

One of the duties of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is to gather statistical information related to several types of industrial accidents, including any type of construction injury. Lawyers have been able to use this valuable data to help clients make fair claims of substandard safety policies in their working environment. In 2011 alone, over four thousand six hundred workers were killed on the job, which accounts for nearly thirteen deaths in the industry every day. Of this unfortunate group, approximately three out of five of the deaths were caused by what OSHA refers to as the “Fatal Four”: falls, electrocutions, struck by an object, and caught-in between.

Although nearly every construction injury is accidental, lawyers continue fighting for workers’ rights to a safe working environment. Construction is the largest industry in the United States, and has continually registered a high rate of accidents in the workplace. Unfortunately, due to the irregularity and nature of this industry, OSHA has had little success in reducing injuries and fatalities across the board. However, through the trials and tribulations of construction injury victims, lawyers have been working tirelessly to ensure negligent companies pay for their shortcomings.

In the past, victims of a construction injury and their lawyers have uncovered a wide variety of accidents and unsafe situations that often are present in the workplace. These conditions can range anywhere from exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals, to negligence in the matter of properly ventilated worksites. Full-time and contracted workers on the site are not the only ones subjected to these adverse conditions, for there are documented cases of random bystanders that have suffered from similar injuries. Lawyers have helped represent these victims seeking compensation and damages in these types of cases for decades. Their success is due in large part to evidentiary information and eyewitness accounts gathered shortly after the time of the incident. After seeking any medical attention required, evidence gathering is the most important step involving a job site accident.

This delicate time period should be used to secure any photographic evidence and documentation of the equipment and materials that were involved in causing an accident to a worker or bystander. Such information can be invaluable down the road when parties are asked to recall specific details months, if not years, after the fact. Lawsuits of this type are always complicated matters, and are best in the hands of experienced attorneys who are seasoned litigators.