The accounted Risperdal side effects in boys have been at the forefront of discussion regarding this popular anti-psychotic drug. This drug has been prescribed to young men and children and has caused a flurry of lawsuits aimed at the manufacturers as a result of the ill effects. The list of possible issues when taking this particular drug is quite lengthy, so it’s important to become familiar with it when researching the possible legal ramifications that have arisen lately.

Like many anti-psychotics, there are potentially harmful and sometimes cause permanent damages that can occur when taking the drug. While the drug is intended to treat people afflicted with mental disorders or behavioral issues, the company that manufactures the drug, Johnson & Johnson, has been accused and successfully sued due to their unlawful medical practices regarding the drug. Johnson & Johnson has been downplaying the severe and traumatizing reactions that certain young men can have when taking it. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson has paid handsome sums of money to victims due to their unlawful and aggressive marketing that specifically targeted children as viable candidates for the drug.

One of the more grievous Risperdal side effects in boys that has caused many individuals and families to seek legal counsel is Gynecomastia, an unfortunate reaction to the drug that causes the growth of breasts, or enlarges the breast tissue. This enlargement or growth can occur on one or both sides of the individual, which has been found to cause significant levels of stress in the affected persons. This is due to the concern that the growths may have to do with the possibility of breast cancer. The growths in Gynecomastia are innocuous in the biological sense, but they may cause permanent changes in the shape of a person’s body. People affected by this will most likely have to seek surgery as an option to reverse the unsightly changes, resulting in surgical scarring for the rest of their lives.

Though the drug was approved by the FDA in 2006, it took less than a decade for the manufacturer and its subsidiary to be taken to court because of the possible reactions. In April 2012, a judge in Arkansas found Johnson & Johnson guilty of attempting to suppress the serious Risperdal side effects in boys and was subsequently fined over a billion dollars. This amount was found by the accumulation of over 240,000 cited violations of the state’s medical fraud law – each one carrying a $5,000 fine. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson were fined another eleven million dollars for their involvement in deceptive medical practices regarding the drug.

These lawsuits have been raging over the last few years, with many of them successfully finding fault in the manufacturer. The most recent was a $2.2 billion fine that was settled out of court in regards to alleged illegal marketing techniques which involved the encouragement of the overmedication of children, one of the most sinister lawsuits that have been settled to date.


Any persons who have suffered from the side effects of this drug should consider seeking legal counsel in the pursuit of the justice they deserve. Numerous studies from the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology have come out to condemn the drug for its linkage between raised hormone levels in children that are causing unnatural development of breast tissue. A Risperdal lawsuit has become the first option for many victims now that there has been empirical evidence denouncing the drug for nearly every demographic and dosage level.

Finding a lawyer who is competent in medical malpractice suits such as these, as well as one who is informed on the evolving legal landscape of these particular drugs is essential when seeking just compensation. Contacting a professional for legal representation as soon as possible is an important first step now that attorneys are handling these cases nationwide for the victims of this drug’s side effects.

Disclaimer: Do not stop taking a prescription medication without first consulting with your doctor. Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor’s advice can result in injury or death. Cases may be referred to another attorney or law firm.