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Result: $72 thousand

Intersection Collision Injury

Net to Client: $72,759.79 - 12/2018

Our firm was hired shortly before the running of the statute of limitations by a man who suffered neck, back, hip, and leg injuries in an intersectional collision. We filed suit, and after reviewing his medical records, it became apparent he was suffering memory loss and other classic symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) since the accident. We proved the client was knocked unconscious in the collision by testimony of an eye-witness. However, this was missed by EMTs and the emergency room staff, because the client did not remember being knocked out. We obtained an evaluation by a neuropsychologist, confirming the diagnosis of TBI, and we recovered the policy limits from the liability insurer, and a substantial portion of his underinsured motorist limits. The client also began a course of treatment for his TBI, and his condition is improving.