What Are Some Common Questions Asked After a Car Accident?

After someone is involved in a car crash, a lawyer may be contacted to answer questions regarding possible legal action. When an accident occurs, many people don’t know if it is truly their fault, the fault of the other driver, if the accident was due to faulty equipment, who is supposed to pay for the damages done to the vehicle, or who is ultimately responsible for medical bills that may be incurred. All of these questions are typical after an automobile accident occurs, and an experienced attorney may be able to sort things out for the victim.

Automobile accidents occur for a number of reasons. A no fault accident means that no driver was found to be at fault for making the collision occur. This can happen because of road conditions, bad weather, overall malfunctioning of a vehicle, or an unexplained mishap. Other types of accidents occur because of negligence. A driver may have been preoccupied by the radio, food, a cell phone, a passenger, or anything else that took their full attention off the road. If any type of negligent car crash occurs, a car crash lawyer may be able to make a reasonable case.

Attorneys that specialize in auto accidents have the knowledge to provide a client with the proper sequence of steps that must be taken to receive some form of compensation, either by the insurance companies involved or by the driver who caused the accident. Typical questions that a professional would ask a client would be how the accident occurred through the eyes of the driver? What type of insurance does the driver have? How many accidents has the driver been in before? Did the driver take pictures of the accident scene? A car crash lawyer may also wish to know more personal information, such as whether alcohol or other substances were in use at the time of the accident.
Before a car crash lawyer is hired, a client should ask a few questions of their own to find correct legal representation for their case.

Some typical questions for an attorney should include:

  • What is the process of assessing a potential client’s case?
  • Are there any extra fees that could be incurred if there is a trial?
  • How many similar cases the attorney has won?

Once a suitable representative has been chosen, it is important to provide them with as many details and facts as possible, including photos of the scene, police reports that were filed, eye-witness contact information and any medical records related to the accident.

Contact an Experienced Car Crash Lawyer

Each automobile accident is unique in its own right. Finding a knowledgeable car crash lawyer with plenty of experience can help the victim on their road to recovery and compensation.