Questions To Ask Attorneys For Personal Injury Cases

Attorneys for personal injury cases may vary in terms of specialties and courtroom methods, but they all share the same goal: getting their clients a fair compensation for their pain and suffering. A good lawyer works diligently to ensure that his clients are treated fairly under the laws of their governing state. He takes the time to address all concerns and questions his clients may have. He thoroughly explains each step in the legal process in a language his clients will understand. Anyone who suffers bodily harm at the hands of another would benefit from a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, even if it’s only to be informed of his rights as an injury victim.

Finding a qualified lawyer involves more than doing a simple Google search. There are certain criteria to take into consideration when choosing an experienced and successful lawyer.

  • Experience. Reputable attorneys for personal injury cases bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. You could retain a new lawyer who seems to have a lot of promise, but a new legal representative has yet to achieve the proven track record that a veteran can bring to your case. You want a seasoned lawyer who is well versed in state and federal laws and has knowledge about cases of your nature.
  • Track record. A lawyer’s track record reflects his ability to handle your case effectively. Retaining one with a proven track record will increase your chances of winning your case. Attorneys for personal injury cases will gladly tell what cases they have previously handled and won, and they will be just as forthcoming about those cases they didn’t win, and why.
  • Likeability. Lawyers that specialize in these types of cases likely have plenty of training and experience in the areas of law they practice, but at the end of day, they are people who differ in personalities, preferences and quirks. You want a lawyer who is likeable as well as capable. Going with the number one personal injury lawyer in town will turn out to be a huge headache if you can’t see eye to eye. On the flip side, it’s just as bad to retain a legal representative you really like, but he does only a mediocre job of handling your case.
  • Specialty. Attorneys for personal injury cases often specialize in different areas. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, a lawyer who specializes in work place mishaps might not be able to serve you as well as one who specializes in motorcycle accidents. Many lawyers specialize in multiple types of cases, while others only specialize in one.

Some questions you may want to ask a prospective lawyer are:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How many cases of this nature have you won or settled?
  • Will you or another lawyer in your firm be representing me?
  • Do you work on contingency?
  • What expenses or fees will I be responsible for if I retain you?

Do not hesitate to ask any other questions you may have. Remember, attorneys for personal injury cases are always eager to get new clients and will gladly address any concerns you may have.