Most Common Defective Product Cases

Defective product cases represent a large bulk of civil claims, and they can involve just about anything sold to a consumer. There are, however, a few industries that are involved in the majority of claims and the largest settlements. Regardless of what item is part of the claim, these claims concern how the item is manufactured or how it is designed. In some instances, a claim may also assert that documentation included with the item is unclear or incomplete, leading to a dangerous situation.

The industries involved in the majority of these claims are responsible for producing inherently dangerous goods or items that should be perfectly safe at all times. A company that produces something like pillows or mailboxes is not as likely to be taken to court as their goods are not capable of causing harm, even when they are flawed.

But goods like children’s toys, vehicles, industrial equipment, chemicals and medical goods can cause grievous injuries if they are not produced or designed properly.

Children’s toys are safer than they used to be, but toy makers often design items that are easily swallowed by small children, creating a major choking hazard. Some children’s toys are made with hazardous paints or other substances, which can ultimately cause health complications.

Many consumers challenge vehicle makers, as a flawed design or manufacturing process can result in serious injuries. For example, SUV manufacturers used to be taken to court regularly because many of the first generation SUVs were dangerously top-heavy and prone to flipping over, even when the driver was operating the vehicle safely. While this is not as common today, there are still vehicle recalls every year due to flawed vehicle parts or inherently dangerous vehicle models.

Industrial equipment has to be able to withstand a lot of punishment and work in extremely demanding conditions. When they fail due to poor manufacturing, they can seriously hurt many people at once. Common claims in this area involve crane collapses, flawed sweep augers and flawed conveyors.

Dangerous chemicals and materials find their way into a variety of consumer and industrial goods, sometimes by accident and sometimes by design. These claims may include corrosive cleaning chemicals that do not include the proper warnings, or materials made with asbestos or beryllium.

Medical devices and medications produce some of the most hotly contested claims and highest settlements as it can be years before their dangers become clear. In the interim, thousands of people may receive these treatments, only to find out that their medication, implant or other device is responsible for severe complications. For instance, some metal on metal hip implants had to be recalled and were part of many claims after they started corroding and leeching metal particles into patients’ bloodstreams. This resulted in a lot of patients suffering tissue and organ damage, along with chronic pain.

Though these are some of the most common defective product cases, they are only a portion of the total number of claims filed every year. Experienced attorneys can help victims get the justice and compensation they need for closure.