Houston Defective Products Attorney

One would likely be surprised at the number of potential issues that defective product attorneys can help with. In fact, some consumers never think about some of the potential liabilities that are subject to the laws regarding these matters. Consumers may be victims of faulty items and many may not even be aware they have a potential case. Here are some potential situations where a consumer should contact defective product attorneys.

Over the counter medications: Unfortunately, medications that a consumer purchases over-the-counter are not always safe. Consumers are obligated to carefully read labels and find out if they have any medical conditions that may contraindicate use of an OTC medication. However, in some cases, these non-prescription drugs may have been tampered with and create additional problems. Many consumers will recall the massive recall of Tylenol products which were tainted some years ago.

Medical appliances: Imagine having a hip or other joint replacement and finding out later that the unit was deemed inappropriate for implantation. For a consumer who had a joint replacement and discovers the joint was later recalled, it is imperative they reach out to qualified defective product attorneys.

Playground equipment: Parents take their children to playgrounds that are located in public parks or in pay-to-use amusement parks. However, many of them never consider some of the potential dangers. Slides can cause burns on tender skin, swings can have defective chains causing falls, and jungle gyms can be set up in areas that are too hard for children to land safely on. Injuries in these types of cases can result in the need for an experienced lawyer. Amusement parks are required to conduct regular inspections to ensure their equipment and rides are safe for the general public. Unfortunately, careless maintenance and inspections sometimes do occur and can result in injuries ranging from scrapes due to loose bolts, or worse yet, serious injury and even death.

Defective toys: Every year, consumers are blasted with lists of toys that may not be suitable for purchase. Sadly, all too often these warnings come too late. Toys that have sharp pieces, pieces too small for children in recommended age groups and even lead paint on toys can all cause serious injury or illness in children. Parents have the right to expect the toys and games they purchase for their children are held to high quality standards. When you feel you have purchased an age-appropriate, safe toy for your child and they are injured, you should consider contacting defective product attorneys. You may have a legal case against the toy manufacturer and even the retailer who sold the toy.

There are so many cases of potentially faulty and harmful products that are never called to the attention of the general public. This is unfortunate since the safety of the public is so crucial and should be the primary concern of all manufacturers. Whether it is a vehicle, prescription or over the counter medication, playground equipment or a small appliance, you should be able to expect a certain level of safety. If you feel that you have been a victim of a defective item, it is important to contact a lawyer to see if you have a case. Our Houston defective product attorneys can help make sure that the victims get the representation and the compensation that they are entitled to.

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