There may come a time in life when the question ‘Do I need to find a Social Security disability lawyer?’ has to be asked. If a person has suffered an injury, either at work or through a car wreck or other accident, or has developed a condition or illness that prevents them from working, then attempting to qualify for SSI benefits may be in their best interest. However, there are questions that they’ll need to know the answers to before they decide how to proceed.

First, do conditions truly exist that are debilitating enough to prevent the applicant from working at any job? For instance, if one has lost the use of their legs due to illness or injury, they may be able to do other jobs that may be accomplished from a wheelchair that only requires the use of their arms. With rehabilitation, there may be desk jobs that they’ll readily qualify for, which will prevent them from receiving benefits.

Second, is the condition one that will improve over time? As an example, an auto accident may disable the use of arms and legs for an extended period, but the patient will eventually recover and have full use of their limbs. This means an applicant may be disqualified for full benefits, but with assistance from a Social Security disability lawyer, they may be available for a limited amount of time, or they may qualify for partial benefits.

Next, has an attempt to qualify for benefits through the Social Security Administration been previously placed and denied? Because there are extremely strict guidelines for qualifications, many people who should qualify don’t, either through mistakes made during the application process, misapplication of SSA guidelines or a lack of understanding of the specific conditions and limitations by SSA evaluators. A Social Security disability lawyer may be able to help correct those situations so that benefits may be received.

In order to understand exactly what your rights and options are, contact a Social Security disability lawyer to have the best chance at getting the benefits you rightfully deserve. Attorneys who specialize in this area and the laws that are in place will best be able to assist you with the possibility of receiving benefits based on your condition and individual circumstances.

Because an application may have been denied before, the applicant may feel that they have been unjustifiably denied but unsure about the process of appealing or re-applying, and contacting a reputable legal representative will be the next step. If an application has been denied, the applicant cannot immediately re-apply for benefits without some form of representation, and a successful Social Security disability lawyer will be best able to assist them during the re-application process.

The Social Security Administration is not only charged with providing benefits for those who are older and disabled, but they are also charged with preventing fraud. This makes qualifying much more difficult. Whether this is the first time benefits are being applied for or initial attempts have been denied, having assistance from attorneys that are experts in Social Security matters will substantially increase the chances of qualifying for benefits.