Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can injure any part of a rider’s body. Several of the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Broken Bones – Fractures (including compound fractures) to arms and legs are common, as are facial fractures when motorcycle riders don’t wear a helmet.
  • Neck and Spinal Injuries – Because riders are thrown, twisted, and jerked off their bikes in a wreck, the neck and back musculoskeletal system can experience a variety of serious injuries, including severe sprains and strains; herniated, slipped, or fractured spinal discs; and even paralysis.
  • Road Rash – When riders “lay their bikes down,” they usually suffer severe lacerations and burns from sliding on the road’s surface – especially if they aren’t wearing heavy duty protective clothing. Road rash injuries can easily become infected, even when properly treated.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) – Severe blows to the head during a motorcycle wreck may produce TBIs ranging from mild concussions to severe brain injuries. The victim may suffer from loss of consciousness, amnesia, and changes that affect thinking, language, and emotion.

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, invigorating, and sensible. They’re cheaper to buy and maintain and use less gas than cars or trucks. But nothing this good comes without a price. Riding motorcycles is dangerous; you risk life and limb every time you fire up your bike.

You can observe all traffic rules, ride with special care, and still get in a serious accident; often through no fault of your own. “Bike” wrecks, contrary to popular belief (and according to the breakthrough study in motorcycle safety, The Hurt Report) are often not the fault of the rider and are more likely to be caused by the driver of a car or truck. Because motorcycles offer virtually no protection compared to a traditional vehicle; the biker gets the worst of the harm from the crash.

The Law and Motorcycle Helmets

If you are 21 or older and have proof of having successfully completed a course on motorcycle training and safety, or if you can document coverage under a medical insurance policy, you don’t have to wear a helmet. No law enforcement officer may arbitrarily pull you over without cause, even to check whether you have documentation that says you have fulfilled either requirement allowing you to ride un-helmeted.

Does riding without a helmet effect your claim of injury compensation after being hit by a negligent driver? Actually, it might be viewed as an unnecessary assumption of risk and could affect the compensation amount you receive if you suffered a head injury, but riding without a helmet should have no bearing on compensation for other injuries. Considering the odds of being in an accident, every motorcycle rider, whether driver or passenger, should wear a helmet.

How Negligence Played a Part in your Motorcycle Accident

As mentioned, The Hurt Report found that the “predominating cause” of motorcycle accidents is the failure of car and truck drivers to “detect and recognize” motorcyclists. This can happen because the vehicle driver is blatantly careless, distracted, or impaired by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue. But what we see most often is that drivers fail to detect the smaller-sized motorcycle and simply drive into the biker’s path.

Negligent vehicle drivers (and their insurance companies) often try to lay the responsibility on the “devil-may-care” biker, saying they contributed to their own injuries because they drove too fast, unnecessarily weaved in and out of traffic, failed to signal or give the motorist the right-of-way, or did not wear a helmet. We will work with you to successfully refute those charges and focus the blame where it belongs – on the careless, thoughtless driver.

No matter what types of injuries you suffered, our motorcycle accident lawyers want to help you get the medical care you need to get better, while we build a strong claim on your behalf and work tirelessly to obtain full and fair compensation from the insurance company.

Make sure your legal rights to collect compensation are fully protected after a motorcycle accident. Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law handles your claim while you focus on one thing: getting better. Contact our legal staff today, and let us fight for you.