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If you were injured or lost a family member in the Transocean Oil Rig Explosion, special claims and support resources have been established to help you:


The rules and regulations concerning injury, death, and compensation for employees on oil rigs is different than typical maritime law. Because those involved in exploring, developing, and producing offshore mineral and energy “resources” are tapping into land-based resources (even if it’s deep under water), they are not covered by Jones Act or Longshore Harbor and Workers’ Compensation benefits.

The law states that any resident of the United States who is injured because of an operator’s failure to comply with safety rules and regulations may file a lawsuit for damages, including reasonable attorney and expert witness fees, in the appropriate judicial district.


Cruise ship employees have three years to file a lawsuit to recover damages for injury under Jones Act laws. Passengers, on the other hand, face different rules. The law allows cruise lines to insert strict time limits on when passengers can file a claim into their contracts.

The only restriction is that the timeframe may be no sooner than six months following the incident for an injured passenger to either submit written notice of his intent to file for compensation or to file the actual lawsuit. It’s common for cruise lines to require passengers to file suit within one year of the incident, as well as the ability to dictate where lawsuits must be filed, so the contract you signed when purchasing your tickets is incredibly important.


In many cases, it can be confusing to determine whether you are eligible for Jones Act, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation, or state workers’ compensation benefits. Which laws apply can make a big difference in both your rights and your award.

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  • Barge
  • Cargo vessel
  • Commercial dive boat
  • Cruise ship (employees)
  • Fixed platform
  • Inland marine
  • Offshore drilling rig
  • Oil field (including helicopter crashes)
  • Tanker
  • Tugboat
  • Workboat