The Houston maritime personal injury attorneys at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law are here to protect your rights. Laws like the Jones Act promote the safety and well-being of maritime workers, and prevent employers from discriminating against or discharging employees for:

  • reporting, or planning to report, a violation of maritime safety law to the Coast Guard or other appropriate Federal agencies
  • refusing to perform duties because of a reasonable fear or expectation of serious injury to himself, other seamen, or the public

However, to qualify for this protection, the worker must have sought a correction of the unsafe condition and have been unsuccessful. If you are being unfairly discriminated against by your employer, call (800) 444-5000 or complete a FREE initial consultation form to speak with one of our experienced Houston maritime personal injury attorneys.


Seamen have the right to sue their employers if they are discriminated against or discharged in violation of the law. Compensation can include:

  • remedy to the safety violations in question
  • reinstatement to the former position, including back pay
  • costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, not exceeding $1,000


While a worker who has been discriminated against or wrongfully discharged has the right to recover attorney’s fees, the court may also give an award of costs and reasonable attorney’s fees to a prevailing employer if the court finds that a complaint is frivolous or has been brought in bad faith.