Maritime professions, have complex laws in place to protect workers, both land- and sea-based, in the event of injury or death. These laws also give injured workers the ability to bring civil suits against their employers to get compensation if the employers willfully or wantonly withheld those required benefits. Call (800) 444-5000 to contact the Houston maritime personal injury attorneys at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law today or complete a FREE initial consultation form now.


Maritime laws require ship owners to ensure their vessels are seaworthy by submitting them to proper inspection and complying with regulations. Owners are also required to properly man, equip, and supply the vessels for the safety of everyone on board.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in serious fines and, in the cases of personal injury or death, a lawsuit. Owners are also prevented by law from excusing themselves from liability by inserting provisions into contracts or regulations. Any language to that effect, or attempting to limit a person’s right to trial by jury, is void by law.


When a person has a cause for bringing a case according to the law of a foreign country for wrongful death or neglect on the high seas, he may bring a civil lawsuit in a United States court. However, a national of a foreign country may not bring a civil action in the United States unless the court is satisfied that the law in that person’s country allows nationals of the United States to sue in its courts as well.

International maritime injuries can be very complex and jurisdictional questions can complicate things immensely. It’s important to contact an attorney who is experienced in the law. At Terry Bryant, our Houston maritime personal injury attorneys will fully investigate your claim and explain your options.