Product Liabilities

When looking for a Dallas product liability lawyer, consider only attorneys or firms with experience in cases similar to yours. Don’t be afraid to consult with an attorney outside your immediate area. You may get a better result working with an experienced firm in Houston than a less experienced Dallas product liability lawyer.

Faulty designs or poor manufacturing practices are common reasons for product injury lawsuits. Some manufacturers use shoddy materials or provide inadequate quality control in an effort to keep costs low, but these practices can result in severe, unexpected injuries for the unsuspecting users. Failure to monitor the manufacturing supply chain can result in the use of counterfeit or sub-standard materials that may cause failure in the items. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to prevent this from happening, and they can be held liable for injuries that occur because of problems such as this.

These cases can result from many different types of failures on the part of the manufacturer or retailer. For example, failure to provide adequate instructions for use can be just as likely to result in an injury as a faulty design. An experienced Dallas product liability lawyer will review all of the details to determine the likelihood of winning a particular case and whether it may be part of a mass tort suit.

Missing or unclear hazard warning labels are another area that may give rise to the likelihood of injuries occurring. The manufacturer’s failure to anticipate the ways in which consumers might use an item and warning against unsafe practices can result in unnecessary injuries that may form the basis of a lawsuit on behalf of the injured party.

Just plain unfitness for use can also be a reason for this type of case. The recent toys featuring tiny magnets or lead paint clearly had no business being marketed for use by children. Likewise, the unstable baby seat that tips over, cribs with slats that trap a baby’s head and coffee carafes that explode when they come in contact with heat are all examples of items that were unfit for their intended use.

Personal injuries may occur because of motorized vehicles with hard to operate controls, or equipment and machinery operated by impaired, distracted or untrained people. All of these scenarios can cause injuries to the operator or innocent bystanders. Some of these pitfalls may result in only a minor injury, while others result in serious injuries or permanent disabilities. Product failures that occur in normal use and that could not be anticipated by a reasonable person are the basis of many product liability cases. An experienced Dallas product liability attorney can assess the facts of your situation.

When common items cause injuries that require medical attention, surgical procedures or rehabilitation therapy for full recovery, there may be a basis for a product liability lawsuit resulting in a possible monetary award. Permanent disabilities that make it impossible to resume a normal lifestyle or return to work are common in personal injury cases.

Regardless of your location in Texas, consult a reputable Dallas product liability lawyer to discuss the specific details of your case that resulted in injury or loss. Many attorneys don’t require an upfront fee to take on a case because their fee is usually a percentage of any money awarded to the plaintiff.