When a medical error occurs, many people look for a lawyer, and malpractice attorneys are especially knowledgeable when it comes to helping a victim get proper restitution. Nearly 200,000 people die as a result of medical errors every year in the U.S., and tens of thousands of suits are filed annually. Even though it is a common form of lawsuit, it is still highly complex and a legal expert will be needed to make sure the case is presented accurately.

As soon as a victim realizes they have suffered an injury related to a medical mistake, they should consider consulting with a lawyer. Malpractice attorneys will often offer free consultations to discuss the parameters of the case and determine whether there is cause for a suit. During this phase, the professional will help the victim determine what information needs to be gathered and will inform the client of their rights. Legal experts who have extensive experience in this area don’t typically take fees until after the case has been one. In some instances, it may take months before getting started, so this delayed fee structure may be a huge relief to the victim. When searching around for representation, though, be sure to verify this contingency fee upfront, as some professionals charge by the hour instead.

After this consultation is complete and everyone is on the same page, the professional will officially file the suit and name the defendants. Any lawyer knowledgeable in malpractice and attorneys experienced in handling mass tort know that this is only the beginning, and the real work starts once the defendants are named. The next part of the process is the discovery phase. During this stage, the legal team for both sides will request information from each other and interview the opposing client. Discovery and deposition are stressful for a victim to handle without help, as the defendant’s legal team will try to destroy his or her credibility. This can be prevented with the help of a reputable lawyer. Malpractice attorneys experienced in this field spend a great deal of their time anticipating attempts to undermine the client and the validity of the case.

Medical mistakes are common, and they can come in many forms. When a patient is misdiagnosed, it may be because the doctor didn’t perform due diligence. While it often takes a couple tries for a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, he or she must make use of all tools and testing available to the patient. Improper handling of prescription drugs is another common medical error. A doctor that is negligent may prescribe medication that the patient is allergic to, may set the wrong dosage, or may prescribe something that interacts badly with other medication. Surgical errors aren’t quite as common, but they can cause severe complications that can often be debilitating and permanent.

If any of these are the reason for post-treatment complications, a patient should consider a consultation with a lawyer. Malpractice attorneys that have extensive experience in this field will be able to show the court that there was error, that it was caused by negligence, that it caused an injury, and that this injury was enough to do significant damage to the patient.