Johnson & Johnson Products Linked To Ovarian Cancer

Our understanding of medical side effects arising from common household items is always advancing, consistently uncovering additional severe adverse effects than were first realized. While more and more lawsuits are coming forward regarding Johnson & Johnson products linked to ovarian cancer, many individuals and families are struggling to find the necessary information to acquire proper legal representation to help compensate for these severe side effects.

The most common item that’s associated with these life-threatening diseases is talc powder, something families have been using for many decades. The threat of these serious side effects was known back in the 70’s, but it was not until recently until we began to fully understand the relation between these popular products and the serious implications of their usage.

Talc, the mineral that comprises baby powders and Shower to Shower, is a naturally mined compound that, in its natural form, has been closely associated with asbestos, an infamous silicate that has been known to cause fatal disorders. Many studies have shown that the use of these products around the perineal or genital area of females have been directly associated to this deadly disease. When these materials inadvertently enter the vaginal canal of females, the body responds as if they are bacterial in nature and seek to destroy the minerals. This causes inflammation, which is a natural response to an unnatural invader. However, this inflammation can create environments suited for the growth of cancerous tumors.

These tumors can go unnoticed for a great deal of time, which is the main reason that Johnson & Johnson products linked to ovarian cancer is a rather recent development on the medicinal scene. Luckily, studies such as those performed by The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology are making these developments publicly known and understood, finding that the use of items containing talc powder increases the risk of these deadly diseases by a factor of three. The regular application of these powders has also been shown to exacerbate and even speed up the growth of any developed tumors. Now that more women are coming forward and successfully filing claims regarding the use of these powders, it’s clear that the evidence is quite reciprocal of the study’s findings.

Johnson & Johnson products linked to ovarian cancer may be a recent medical understanding, but the legal underpinning of the situation remains. Women that have been affected by these talc powders should consider seeking legal representation as soon as possible to explore their options for just compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer who is well versed in the legal landscape of these recent lawsuits is an essential element in achieving a successful case.