A car accident lawsuit is normally filed when the victim is injured in the wreck and believes another driver or a car part manufacturer is responsible for the incident. In either case, the victim will need to show that the responsible party was behaving negligently at the time of the wreck. With all of the facts, this may not be that difficult to prove, but gathering this information can be difficult for a person attempting to represent themselves. In the aftermath of a wreck, the victim may find it difficult to secure the details surrounding the incident. Without a clear set of facts on their side, the victim may not be able to argue their side in court well enough to secure a claim.

Attorneys that specialize in car accident lawsuit proceedings need to be ready to take the case to court, but the trial is not the most important part of the process. The information gathering that takes place before filing a claim is what will strengthen the case enough to possibly produce a favorable outcome. Some victims choose to do this without professional guidance, but they won’t have access to the expert witnesses that an experienced attorney has. This can be particularly problematic in cases where a part defect is believed to be the cause of the incident. Expert witnesses can help explain to the court how and why the vehicle malfunctioned prior to the wreck.

While it may be tempting to pursue a car accident lawsuit without professional legal representation, it may be extremely risky. Knowing how to negotiate a settlement and how to handle court proceedings that can often move very quickly is paramount, and it is possible for the victim to get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork needed to put a case together. Also, if the defendant has experienced legal representation on their side, their attorney can spot problems with the case that a victim may have trouble answering. Just having compelling facts is not enough to win a favorable judgment, and these claims are dismissed or won based on technicalities that an untrained person may not realize or understand.

An attorney that is experienced in handling a car accident lawsuit will be able to gather witnesses and police reports pertinent to the wreck, and spot things on the police report or witness testimony that others may miss. These small facts can be the difference between a favorable and unfavorable result. Also, the attorney will help the victim sketch out a recreation of the wreck and present this for review. Armed with these sources of information, it is much more likely that the defendant will attempt a fair settlement rather than risk going to court against a prepared attorney.