A successful motorcycle injury lawyer must be equipped to handle much different circumstances than an attorney who just oversees typical auto accidents. In most states, including Texas, the traffic laws regarding these vehicles differ from standard autos. In addition, the driver needs an expert ally who is going to be extra focused, because there are a few stereotypes that have to be dispelled in the courtroom for the cyclist to get the compensation he or she deserves.

A motorcycle injury lawyer is a personal injury attorney who has the specialized knowledge required to treat these types of cases seriously. Often, whenever one of these vehicles is involved in a wreck, the person driving the bike is presumed to be at fault initially. This stereotype of recklessness and disregard for others unfortunately makes its way into the courtroom, and a victim should know that the defendant’s attorneys will use this against him or her. A professional who is experienced in these cases will be able to diffuse this before it harms the victim’s case and prolongs their suffering.

Because a bike operates using different rules of physics than a car or truck, it stands to reason that any accidents involving them may have been caused by unconventional means. Something as simple as a misplaced traffic cone can be enough to cause a wreck, and defects in the road that a sedan may not even notice can be potentially deadly for a bike. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, around half of the accidents involving bikes every year occur while trying to negotiate a curve in the road, something that not many full-sized vehicles have a problem with. With these facts in mind, a motorcycle injury lawyer that is experienced in this area will approach the wreck like an investigator. It is the attorney’s responsibility to make sure that the case has merit, so he or she will have an arsenal of tools and techniques at the ready to determine the cause and fault of the wreck.

There are a number of questions a victim should ask a motorcycle injury lawyer before teaming up with them. It is absolutely critical that the client find a comfortable fit, because the restitution process can take a while. The most important thing to inquire about is the attorney’s experience. Have they dealt with many cases like this in the past? This goes beyond simply handling other motorcycle cases, because every accident is unique. Specifically, have they dealt with this kind of accident, in this kind of setting before? If the expert can quickly pinpoint the cause of the wreck and draw on prior experience, he or she will have an advantage in the court room.

Another thing to ask is if they completely familiar with the regulations in the state regarding operation of these vehicles? These statutes differ from state to state, and if the professional is not up to date with them, they may be caught off guard. Finally, how has the motorcycle injury lawyer done with prior suits involving these vehicles? Does he or she have a record of success? Will he or she prefer a settlement, or is the expert uncompromising? These are all important factors to address before settling on an attorney.