A wrongful death attorney can be a family’s most important representative, the person most able to get restitution for the suffering they have been through. One of the hardest things anyone can go through is the loss of a loved one, and when another party’s negligence kills a loved one, the suffering is often much worse. There’s no way to get total closure after such a traumatic event, but a family does have legal options, and they can use them to ensure the responsible party makes amends for what they have done. As one would expect, these cases are often emotionally charged and can be exhausting to keep up with, so it is usually best left in the hands of an experienced professional.


A wrongful death attorney can help a family whenever another party’s negligence contributed to or was clearly responsible for the loss of a loved one. Like in all major urban areas, the Bayou City is fraught with all kinds of risks. Some of these are the result of a dangerous job, like construction or oil & gas workers. Some are more prevalent, like reckless drivers. An experienced lawyer will be able to handle most cases that involve negligence, no matter its source.


When a party’s negligence causes the death of another person, they are responsible for extensive financial damages. Medical expenses, the deceased person’s lost wages, and burial expenses are just the start. Emotional pain and suffering and loss of future earnings are also factored in, along with what is known as “loss of consortium.” This refers to the loss of love, companionship, protection, and teaching that would have been provided to family members. If the defendant’s negligence was particularly standout, such as driving drunk and speeding, then the court may levy punitive damages as well.

Calculating these damages is naturally tough to do, but lawyers have experts on hand to organize them. A lawyer will also name the defendant, gather evidence relevant to the claim, and negotiate forcefully during the settlement phase. Without legal representation, the lawyer of the accused will often try to take advantage of the victim’s family, and this can mean a much lower settlement than what the family is entitled to. A lawyer can also help some members of the victim’s family organize a claim because the process can be a little different depending on their relation to the victim.

And if the victim’s employer is responsible, it can feel overwhelming taking on a large corporation. But an experienced lawyer won’t be fazed by a company’s powerful legal team, and will be able to fight just as aggressively against such resistance.

It’s always difficult transitioning from the loss of a loved one, but a trusted representative can at least soften the blow, and ensure the family is taken care of while recovering emotionally.