In Texas, a wrongful death lawyer is often the only person who can help a family reeling from the loss of a loved one. There is no way to replace the love and happiness a father, mother, brother, sister or child brings, but it is possible to hold the responsible party accountable and attain at least some sense of closure. This is a difficult process, and one that a family may not want to go through, but an attorney can help expedite it and handle the claim in a calm, sensitive manner.


People have a duty to each other to act responsibly and not put each other in harm’s way. All too often, though, people neglect to do so, gravely hurting others with their recklessness. If a driver operates a car while under the influence, they are behaving negligently. If a business owner forces their employees to work in unsafe conditions, they are acting negligently. If a manufacturer produces a defective product, or a pharmaceutical company creates a dangerous medication, both companies are acting negligently.

Whether a fatal injury is caused by a person, an organization, or a business in Texas, a wrongful death lawyer can assist with the claim. In the state, immediate family members, including children, parents and a spouse may file a claim against the responsible party. In some cases, an adoptive child or parent may also file a claim. Unlike other states, though, Texas does not allow siblings to file a suit for the loss of a brother or sister. Also, a claim must be filed within two years of the incident.

As soon as the attorney understands the particulars of the case, they can begin investigating the incident and gathering evidence for the victim’s family. For example, if a reckless driver kills a loved one, the attorney may use police accident reports, photos of the crash, the motorist’s driving history, and witness testimony to organize the case. If a defective drug is responsible, an attorney may provide medical records, research studies, and expert witnesses to demonstrate the drug’s dangers.

In addition to building a case, naming the defendants, and managing settlement negotiations, an attorney can also help the victim’s family assess the damages involved. In Texas, a wrongful death lawyer can pursue damages related to the victim’s medical expenses, loss of wages, and loss of future earnings. An attorney can also pursue emotional damages as well, including loss of companionship, protection, instruction and support. It is impossible to quantify such priceless things, but an attorney will negotiate aggressively for the victim’s family, ensuring that these extremely valuable elements are considered like they should be.

Nothing can substitute the love and care that a father, or mother, or child, or spouse brings to life, but an attorney can help the victim’s family begin transitioning away from grief and toward the future.