A Texas area mesothelioma lawyer is a voice for workers who have been exposed to asbestos, one of the deadliest materials once found on work sites everywhere. For decades, the dangers of asbestos were unknown, or at least poorly understood. But even when the dangers were becoming clear, many employers continued using the material and knowingly exposing their workers to harm. This situation was made worse by the fact that asbestos product manufacturers often ignored the problem for as long as they could, and continued to supply deadly additives and products to several industries. As a result, though researchers uncovered the risks of asbestos decades ago, there are still workers suffering severe, even fatal complications due to the substance.


Some attorneys in the state have a lot of experience assisting workers injured by asbestos, as there are many industries operating in the area that have used the material extensively over the years. Oil and gas drilling, shipwrecking and construction, and building construction are all major industries in the state, and all of them have made frequent use of the material until recently. Firefighters, automotive and airplane mechanics, and demolition crews are also at risk of asbestos exposure.

An attorney can help these professionals seek compensation for their medical costs and suffering, as well as lost wages and additional expenses if a victim has been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

The reason why asbestos is so dangerous is because it is readily dispersed into the air when disturbed, and then readily inhaled by anyone who is not protected. Once asbestos fibers are inside the lungs, they settle and migrate to the lung lining, where they cause damage over many years. At first, the fibers cause a condition known as fibrosis, which consists of massed tissue that has formed around the asbestos. With enough time, this mass may become cancerous. In almost all cases, the cancer goes unnoticed until severe respiratory or heart symptoms emerge, and by then, it is too late to halt the cancer’s progression.

It is common for patients to have just months to live, which is why a Texas area mesothelioma lawyer will do everything possible to expedite the case through the legal process. In most cases, any legal action will be taken against an asbestos product manufacturer, but these manufacturers have almost universally gone out of business. However, they have left behind trusts for future claims, and an attorney can help a victim access these funds during a suit.

It’s no longer legal to use asbestos in any capacity, but there will continue to be victims diagnosed with severe medical conditions such as mesothelioma for years to come. An attorney can help these victims fight for the compensation they need to seek treatment and ensure their families are taken care of going forward.