A Texas mesothelioma lawyer handles some of the most tragic cases in the field, as victims have little recourse when they are diagnosed with this deadly condition. This aggressive form of cancer may develop over years, and while it does, it is extremely difficult to spot. By the time it surfaces, a victim may only have weeks to live. And there is only one known cause associated with the cancer – asbestos exposure. By now, most Americans have heard that asbestos is dangerous and no longer allowed in new construction, but there are still thousands and thousands of people who are experiencing side-effects related to long-term exposure. It may also be many years yet before the asbestos threat is completely neutralized. Until then, it will continue producing cancer patients.


The dangers associated with asbestos have been known, at least by some parties, for decades. But those people tended to be company owners in charge of mining asbestos and manufacturing asbestos-based products. One of the most famous instances of this negligence occurred in the early 1940s, specifically during a conversation between a manager and an executive working with Unarco. During the conversation, manager Charles Roemer asked company president Lewis Brown if he would let workers drop dead from asbestos exposure without telling them the dangers associated with the substance. Brown’s reply?

“Yes. We save a lot of money that way.”

It’s important for workers to understand that when it comes to asbestos exposure, their employer and companies that manufacture asbestos products are not on their side. In most cases, a Texas mesothelioma lawyer may be the only ally a victim has.

An attorney can help a victim tap into one of several funds left behind for asbestos victims. Almost all businesses that once manufactured asbestos products are now gone, but they have been ordered to set aside as much money as possible for the people they have victimized. Unfortunately, many of these funds have dried up, but not all of them, and an attorney can also help a victim bring a suit against their employer or contractors who did not provide a safe working environment.

For example, a Texas mesothelioma lawyer handles a lot of cases linked to the oil & gas and construction industries, as both are major industries in the state. For years, drilling platforms used asbestos products to manage heat buildup in drill heads. In some cases, workers may have cut open bags of powders containing asbestos with minimal safety gear. While most cases don’t involve this level of negligence, workers are constantly put in situations where they are putting their future health at serious risk. An attorney is a voice for these people.