A IVC filter injury lawyer provides service to persons who have used an inferior vena cava filter. Under the product liability law, products that are sold to customers must be safe to use and include all possible side effects among their warnings. While this may sound like common sense, product liability law is helpful to those customers who are harmed by a defective product. The manufacturer and/or seller is liable, under product liability, for any and all injuries that result from a defective product. There are three main ways in which a product is considered defective: by design flaws, manufacturer defects, and marketing defects.

  1. Design flaws begin before the product is produced and is present once the product is made. The company is liable if the flaw poses a foreseeable risk.
  2. Manufacturer defects refer to defects that occur when the production of the product deviates from the intended design. For example, if a product is contaminated during production, it would classify as a manufacturer defect.
  3. Marketing defects are a result of incorrectly labeled products, wrong or inadequate instructions included, or a lack of foreseeable side effects. It is this type of defect that is of concern for patients that use an inferior vena cava filter. A well-versed IVC filter injury lawyer will be able to explain all of this and more.


An IVC is a device used for the prevention of blood clots traveling to the lungs. It is placed in the inferior vena cava, which is the large vein that carries blood from the heart. This device might be recommended whenever there is a high risk of blood clots. Unfortunately, there are major side effects related to this device which include: device migration, fractured device, and broken or detached parts of the device.

These risks lead to many symptoms including: chest pain, confusion, hypotension, nausea, lightheadedness and internal bleeding
. The most severe cases can result in death, severe internal bleeding, and stroke. While there hasn’t been any recalls currently, the FDA has issued warnings about using this device, It is advised that it is only used as a last resort scenario when a patient can’t take anticoagulant medication. In addition to medication, making lifestyle changes is another alternative to an IVC filter. A healthy diet, regular exercise and not smoking can help lower the risk of blood clots.

Many consider consulting with an IVC filter injury lawyer since patients were not fully warned about the risks mentioned above
. An attorney can personally evaluate each case and identify what procedures to follow when making a claim. As with any sort of legal matter, the procedure can be confusing, time consuming, and emotionally draining to deal with. But, it doesn’t have to be. Give the job to an IVC filter injury lawyer who can hold the manufacturers accountable for their defective product and inattention to their users.