A Houston area product liability lawyer is the person to call when a defective item causes harm to someone in or near the Bayou City. Even with modern quality controls and research, dangerous consumer items are released every year, and they typically hurt many people before manufacturers are willing to pull them from shelves. In some cases, manufacturers may drag out the process over several years, which says something rather troubling. If a manufacturer is willing to put so many people in harm’s way for the sake of profits, then they are acting out of negligence, and should suffer legal consequences as a result. That’s where an attorney comes in.


There are several million people in the Bayou City area, so a constant flood of claims keeps these attorneys busy. Houston is home to a sprawling medical center and several industrial areas. It’s no surprise, then, that many of the claims that area attorneys handle have to do with defective medical devices or drugs, or dangerous industrial equipment. It can be something as simple as a drill press that is designed with a malfunctioning safety guard, a blood thinner that produces a deadly side effect, or a hip replacement that degrades over time and leaves metal fragments in the body. Even though manufacturers are by and large focused on safety, even a well-meaning manufacturer can hurt someone if they aren’t careful.

A Houston area product liability lawyer will be able to, during consultation, walk a victim through the legal process and assess the merits of their case. If the attorney believes the victim has a strong claim for compensation, they will investigate the accident and develop evidence that backs the victim’s claim. What evidence will be relevant to the case depends, but may include witness testimony, photos, medical records, product schematics, research studies, manufacturer or professional history, and prior case judgments. Experienced attorneys often have access to expert witnesses as well, like doctors, and they can support a case with their insight. In fact, a case can sometimes rest entirely on the quality of an expert witness.

In many cases, the claim will go to settlement instead of a lengthy trial, especially if the evidence is clearly in the victim’s favor, or if prior judgments have ruled in favor of plaintiffs. But even if the evidence leans heavily in the victim’s direction, it is still essential to have a Houston area product liability lawyer leading the negotiations. Victims often underestimate medical expenses related to an injury, especially if those injuries are permanent or debilitating. An attorney will work hard to make sure a victim is not taken advantage of and left with less than what they deserve.

Even the most innocuous item can hurt someone if it is not designed and made properly. An attorney can help a victim hurt by this recklessness, and ensure they don’t have to continue to suffer because of another party’s negligence.