A Houston automobile accident lawyer consults with dozens of victims every year, and these legal experts are often the only recourse an injured person has. Vehicle crashes have terrible potential to harm those involved, and these injuries can last for months, years, or even leave permanent health problems behind. Victims may be left unable to work or even unable to take care of themselves. This is, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence in the Bayou City, as the average driver in the city travels about 23 miles a day, and those 23 miles often involve stretches of heavy traffic and high speeds.


Bayou City commuters are all too familiar with the sight of a major wreck, but even though seeing the aftermath of a serious crash is nothing new for commuters, it is more common than even the most experienced Houston driver realizes. In 2012, there were nearly 48,000 crashes on the city’s roads – that’s more than 130 crashes a day. Not all crashes result in injury, of course, but of these 48,000, about 17,500 did result in injuries. More than 5,000 crashes involved serious injuries, and about 200 people died on the city’s roads in 2012.

Compared to the city’s population and heavy commuter traffic, that may not seem like a lot, but the human toll is great. Every year, thousands of people are left unable to work or continue their lives as normal.

But a Houston automobile accident lawyer can help piece everything back together. An injury attorney will make time for the victim, hearing their story and suggesting the best course of action. If the victim has been hurt due to the negligence of another driver or other party, then an attorney can file a claim and create a demand package, and represent the victim during settlement negotiations. If need be, the attorney can take the case to court.


Driver error is a factor in nearly every vehicle crash in the city. Speeding, dangerous turns, dangerous lane changes, poor vehicle maintenance, fatigue, and substance abuse can all play a part in a crash, and the motorist responsible for these infractions will be liable for any injuries they cause. But how can an attorney prove that a defendant was acting negligently in this way?

Attorneys will use all available resources, including police reports of the crash, witness testimony, and any photos taken of the scene. The attorney will also use the victim’s medical records to prove the crash resulted in injury. In some cases, liability will be easy to demonstrate, such as when a driver is inebriated and loses control of their vehicle. But even when it’s not so clear, the attorney can enlist the help of experts to reenact the crash and demonstrate the victim’s claim.

In all, by the time the victim’s Houston automobile accident lawyer begins settlement negotiations, they will have a strong enough case to attain much needed compensation for the victim, and give them the financial tools to facilitate a smooth recovery.