Manual laborers that suffer a construction related injury may need lawyer assistance to help get the compensation they need to recover. The statistics related to industry safety are shocking, and with so many dangers at every work site, laborers have to be on guard. Heavy machinery, intimidating heights, constant traffic, dropped tools, exposed wiring, unstable trench walls, and hazardous materials are just a handful of the risks that every worker has to contend with, and it is the employer’s job to keep these dangers from hurting their employees. Unfortunately, OSHA regulations are often violated at sites around the country. This is particularly true in Texas, which leads the nation in industry fatalities every year.


A lawyer can help a worker hurt in nearly any way while on the job, but there are some accidents that make up the bulk of accident claims. These include:

  • Falls – Falls make up more than a third of all fatal accidents, and most of them occur when the worker falls off of a roof, scaffolding, or a ladder. Those who are not killed by a fall are often seriously hurt, suffering devastating fractures, organ damage, and trauma to the brain or spine. OSHA considers falls to be the most preventable accidents on the worksite, and a failure to provide fall protection is far and away the most common OSHA violation.
  • Struck by or trapped by a heavy object – Worksite machinery is powerful, mobile, and often weighs several tons. If safety personnel does not provide warning signs or clearly mark where the machinery goes, a worker could be hurt during a sudden collision with a cargo vehicle, backhoe, bulldozer, or cement mixer.
  • Exposure – Approximately 15 percent of all accidents involve exposure to toxic chemicals, dust, excessive noise, or exhaust fumes, and these hazards are insidious because they can cause lingering health problems over many years. Exposure to asbestos is especially deadly, and thousands of former workers are beginning to suffer its often lethal effects.

These are just a few of the most common risks, but dangers are everywhere on the worksite. That’s why accidents are so common, hurting one in 10 industry workers every year. In fact, if a worker remains in the industry for 45 years, the chances of them being killed in a work related incident are one in 200. That’s a frightening gamble.


When a lawyer agrees to help a hurt worker recover compensation, they have to focus on the present and the future. Serious accidents, like long falls or collisions with heavy objects, often leave the victim with long-term complications, many of which will keep the victim from returning to work. Chronic pain, loss of mobility, or loss of flexibility can eliminate a laborer’s ability to make a living, and if the worker sustains brain or spine damage, they may not be able to even take care of themselves.

That’s why during an accident claim, an attorney will take into account likely future medical expenses to ensure the victim is able to get the care they need to recover.