More than 250,000 people work in construction, and they need injury attorney assistance more than any other professionals in the country. This industry has long been plagued by serious accidents, and one out of every five worker fatalities in the U.S. happen on these worksites. That is a staggering number, and is often the result of negligent safety procedures or a complete lack of them. However, even if a worker is clearly hurt by poor safety measures on a job site, they will still face an uphill battle in securing the compensation that they are entitled to.


While an attorney can help anyone harmed on a jobsite, there are a few types of accidents that seem to come up most often. Falls are by far the most common cause of serious accidents, resulting in nearly 40 percent of worker fatalities every year. Electrocution, being struck by an object, and getting caught between objects are other major causes of fatal accidents, and they are almost always the result of poor safety measures.

For example, worksites are required to provide fall protection in areas where falls are a real concern. However, a lack of fall protection is the number one OSHA violation on worksites around the country. OSHA has also noted widespread violations in communicating hazards to workers and frequent problems with scaffolding. This is a problem, because even on sites that are observing safety measures, there are many risks that workers have to contend with. Heights, slippery surfaces, dropped tools, exposed wiring, flammable and hazardous materials, a constant stream of vehicles, heavy machinery, unstable trenches and retaining walls – all of these can result in a sudden, severe accident that may leave many people seriously harmed.


An attorney will be able to investigate an accident and determine fault, but in general, there are several parties involved in a single accident. The worker’s employer will likely share liability, as will a number of third parties, like other workers, drivers, contractors, and even architects. But even if the accident is caused by the victim’s own negligence or mistake, they can still receive compensation through a state worker’s compensation program. However, this compensation is often paltry compared to the real costs of an accident, and in Texas, a company may not even be part of the state’s compensation program.

This means that in the wake of a construction site injury, an attorney may be required to secure the compensation a victim needs. This may mean going after third parties involved in the accident, as third parties are not protected from legal action like employers. If an employer is not part of Texas’ worker’s compensation program, then a victim can bring a negligence claim against them.

If a worker goes this route, though, they will meet resistance, so they will need an experienced legal representative to fight on their behalf during the settlement and trial phases.