As more cities go green, more and more cyclists are hitting the roads. With this increase in bicycles on the road, it is inevitable that incidents will occur which will require the services of a bicycle accident lawyer. At first thought, it would seem that such legal specialization would be unusual, but that’s not really the case.

A bicycle mishap can cause serious injuries to a rider, especially if an automobile is involved in the incident. That is not usually the case though. Many crashes occur when a cyclist loses control due to factors such as potholes, missing or obscured signage, cattle guards, or even the grates of sewers, which could be the fault of local or state governments. There are important procedures to follow to ensure the strongest possible case, no matter if a solitary rider, or a cyclist and auto driver are involved. A bicycle accident lawyer would be familiar with local and state laws, as well as ordinances, and thus be a tremendous help in preparing a case.


  • Notify police about the incident even if there appears to be little property damage. Get a case number and have an accident report on file.
  • If the bicyclist has a working camera of some type, and is physically able to do so, they should take photos of the accident scene and get names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  • The cyclist should also get the name of the insurance company of the automobile driver, as well as their name and policy number.
  • The bicycle rider should get medical attention, even if they do not seem to be injured.  Even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet and protective clothing, injuries can occur that are not immediately visible.

Having done that, this would be a good time for the cyclist to consider contacting a bicycle accident lawyer.

A bicycle accident lawyer could help in determining the cause of the accident from a legal perspective. In an accident involving a collision between an automobile and bicycle, it is possible that the automobile driver was at fault, or the bicycle rider was at fault, or that both parties were at fault, thus sharing liability. Was the accident caused by neglect on the part of the automobile driver? Was the driver not paying attention and unaware of the cyclist’s presence? Was the driver impaired by alcohol or drugs? Was the automobile driver driving recklessly? Was the automobile involved in the accident in poor working condition?  These are important considerations for a case where a legal specialist could provide valuable assistance.

Legal considerations are often different from what is immediately obvious, and a bicycle accident lawyer can help the accident victim determine what laws, if any, were broken and what is the best way to navigate the legal system. This includes getting a replacement of the bicycle, and most important, coping with the more confusing issues, such as dealing with insurance companies and getting proper treatment from medical personnel.