Helping Bicycle Accident Victims

When we grab our bikes to head to work or school, we rarely think of the possible long-term effects from a single accident. In the event of a bicycling crash, even the most experienced cyclists with great protective gear, including a helmet, can be severely injured or even killed.

As every accident is different, a lawyer can help determine if there is a case based on the particulars of the incident, as well as the applicable laws in the area where the crash occurred. Victims often take the advice of a police officer or an insurance adjuster as to whether or not they have a case. While these people might have experience dealing with this type of accident, they clearly have no duty to focus on the best interest of the victim. If anything, their duty to their own employer and the specific responsibilities of their job run counter to the victim’s best interests.

Should a victim seek legal representation, bicycle accident attorneys can help pursue damages for destroyed or totaled bikes due to negligent drivers, as well as for the injuries they suffered in the accident.

If contacted immediately following the crash, bicycle accident attorneys can get started compiling the necessary evidence and information for the case. If contacted quickly enough, attorneys can help gather extremely helpful information such as possible security camera footage of the crash or eyewitness testimony. Each city has different regulations and statues regarding these crashes. An experienced attorney can advise on the applicable laws and regulations and whether or not there appears to be a potential claim – prior to additional investigation.

Since bike riders are not protected by anything other than the gear they wear and their helmet, they are far more susceptible to road conditions, weather, and other drivers on the road. Bicycle accident attorneys have proven to be powerful advocates for injured cyclists.

Common causes of bike crash incidents include road rage by drivers in motor vehicles, hit and runs by motor vehicles, and being turned into by a vehicle (truck, car, van, bus, taxi, etc.) Motor vehicles on the road are the largest threat to cyclists. Another dangerous cause of bike crashes is what is known to the cyclist community as “trailer whip.” This is when a driver towing a toy hauler or trailer jerks their wheel quickly to avoid hitting a cyclist, but the trailer ends up whipping back due to over-correction and hits the cyclist. It is very dangerous and far too common. Other causes include street defects (potholes, unmarked bike lanes, storm drains, cracks, obstructed signs, overgrown foliage, hidden signs, etc.) and dog chases or dog bites.

Bicycle accident attorneys can be the voice for the cyclist in any of these instances. Their goal is to help the victim achieve the best possible outcome following the incident.