How Can Asbestos Attorneys Help Workers Who Have Been Harmed?

Although its dangers were known for decades, workers have long been exposed to asbestos, and personal injury attorneys are now helping victims harmed by negligence. This material was used for nearly a century in construction, as it provides excellent resistance to fire, corrosion and shock. Its unique properties made it a frequently used substance in the automotive, aerospace, and oil & gas industries as well, and millions of workers have been in close proximity to it over the years. In fact, it was used in drilling mud products as late as 1989, and it’s likely that some companies were still employing it for a while longer until it was no longer possible under new regulations.

Though it has mostly disappeared from new construction and modern industrial practices, it is still lying in wait in older building, vehicles, and aircraft. So it still has the capacity to cause serious harm.


In its unprocessed form, there is little to fear about the substance, as long as it is kept inert. As a member of the silicate family, it looks like any mundane rock one might find around geological formations. What makes it dangerous, and valuable, is its ability to culture millions and millions of microscopic, fibrous crystals. These crystals are used as an additive in concrete and other substances to improve their properties, but they also represent a major health hazard.

When the material is disturbed by shock, friction, heat or some other force, it releases a cloud of debris into the air, where it is suspended until it is inhaled or deposited on nearby surfaces. The only way to be protected from it is with environmental suits and advanced air filters, as each crystal fiber is incredibly tiny. They are smaller than fog particles, in fact. And each one is shaped like a tiny harpoon, so when they are inhaled and deposited in the lungs, they kill any cells they enter. This includes leukocytes, which are sent to the material in an attempt to remove it.

Over time, this results in conditions known as asbestosis and, eventually, mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer that affects the lungs, abdomen or heart. It typically kills within months, and there is no effective form of treatment. As it is a death sentence, people harmed by asbestos should consider attorneys who can provide immediate legal representation. Given their time-sensitive nature, courts tend to expedite these claims, and as long as the victim can provide clear work and medical histories, a lawyer will be able to secure a settlement for the victim.

Asbestos attorneys can help workers from any industry, whether they were exposed to the material due to employer negligence or not. Anyone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma has a case, and with a lawyer’s help, they can pursue it and ensure their loved ones are taken care of.