Some accidents are so severe they require an amputation, and a lawyer will consider the vast emotional suffering that such an accident can cause. Though any accident can result in loss of limb, vehicle crashes and industrial accidents are usually the cause. Radial saws, presses, lathes and conveyors are threats to arms and fingers, and can be lost when a victim’s clothing or hair is caught in a machine. A negligent surgeon may botch a procedure and remove the wrong limb, or damage a limb during surgery. A dog attack may leave a victim’s arm or leg in terrible shape and beyond saving. Whatever the cause of the trauma, the victim will face an arduous, extended recovery that will test them both physically and emotionally. An attorney can help a victim face their recovery by fighting for their rights against the negligent party or manufacturer.


An injury lawyer will bring legal action against multiple defendants if need be, and this is often the case when a vehicle crash or industrial accident is responsible for the loss of a limb. Sometimes, it’s not clear who is most liable until a thorough investigation into the accident has been completed. For example, a flatbed semi makes a sharp turn suddenly and dumps its cargo into the road, which causes a serious vehicle accident. The attorney will likely bring action against the driver and their employer, but during investigation, the attorney discovers that a different company was responsible for loading the cargo onto the flatbed. It’s this company that may be primarily liable for any damages, so an attorney may focus on them during a suit.

An industrial accident is often the result of dangerous machinery being used in a dangerous way. Factory safety personnel are responsible for inspecting machinery and ensuring it is configured for maximum safety, but this is often neglected. In fact, some facilities remove safeguards from their equipment to increase production speed, even though this puts workers at serious risk. Equipment manufacturers must also inspect all of their products before shipping them out, as even the slightest flaw can cause technical failures and unpredictable performance.

A surgeon or doctor that fails to provide adequate treatment is liable for medical malpractice, and this will leave the doctor and the hospital responsible for any damages.


A lawyer experienced in these cases knows just how extensive the physical and emotional damages can be when a victim loses a limb. An experienced attorney will seek damages for more than just medical expenses and lost wages, and will also consider loss of quality of life, long-term pain and medical complications, and the emotional suffering that is natural following the loss of an arm or leg.

With this extra attention on the victim’s considerable psychological and long-term suffering, a victim can secure a higher settlement and approach their recovery with the resources they need.