Workers who have been exposed to asbestos without proper protection are at a high risk of having asbestos lung cancer, also called Mesothelioma. According to the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, multiple studies have conclusively proven a link between this type of exposure and lung cancer, which means that those who have been exposed in the past and have contracted the disease, they will need to explore their legal options as soon as possible.

This is extremely important since the treatments are undeniably expensive and the five year survival rate, according to the American Lung Association is only 16.3%, which means families of asbestos lung cancer victims may be eligible for compensation. By contacting an attorney as soon as possible after the diagnosis of mesothelioma or asbestosis, the victims and their families can best be prepared for the legal implications of a lawsuit.

Asbestos manufacturers, contractors, construction companies, building owners and removal companies may all have a certain degree of liability in such cases, and an attorney who specializes in asbestos lung cancer and asbestosis cases will know how best to proceed so the victim and their families can get the compensation and medical care coverage they deserve.

The overall costs for mesothelioma treatments are extremely expensive. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgeries, doctor bills and hospital bills are expensive enough, but the additional expenses will add up rather quickly as well. Expenses such as insurance co-pays for the various treatments and medications, as well as travel expenses to and from treatment centers are actually the tip of the iceberg for most patients and their families. Because of missing work for both the patient and possibly their spouse results in lost income, many everyday household bills such as mortgage or rent payments, utility bills and even food expenses may not be able to be met.

With proper legal representation from a mesothelioma attorney, one will quickly find that their lawyer fully understands the full ramifications of asbestos lung cancer treatments and the resulting impact on the family dynamic and budget. This means they’ll be able to take the case to court and get not only the monies to cover the mounding medical expenses that will inevitably be incurred, but will often be able to get compensation for the other unexpected expenses, and recover an amount equal to the income that has been lost as well.

Many asbestos lung cancer cases where liability is proven also involve punitive damages as well. If the victim’s case is part of a class action lawsuit, victims and their families will also be eligible to receive a portion of those punitive damages. If the case is a stand-alone case, then all of the punitive damages will go to the victim and their family. Financial restitution in no way compensates for the death of the victim, but it can be a way to help the family recover financially so they can come to terms with their loss.

Dealing with mesothelioma or asbestosis as a result of exposure to asbestos is devastating and extremely painful. Victims and their families are all injured by the resulting damage, and those who are responsible should be the ones to pay for the damages, and by hiring a successful mesothelioma attorney, they will.