Work Injury Lawyer

When an employee experiences an accident on the job, they may consider speaking with a work injury lawyer to discuss the circumstances and determine if they have grounds for a job injury case.


The range of harm that an individual can endure on the job covers the full spectrum from physical to psychological. While the impact may be immediately recognizable, there are times when the injuries aren’t apparent right away. Common examples include:

  • Slips and falls from various heights which can cause minor to significant internal damage, broken bones, paralysis, and even death. Typically these are seen in factory and construction jobs where the use of large machinery, ladders, and other equipment are commonplace.
  • Continuous toxic exposure such as those that come in contact with hazardous chemicals and other substances such as asbestos. Employees should be protected by the necessary safety gear and equipment to avoid illness and life-threatening diseases.
  • Repetitive motion conditions are typical in those positions that require an individual to perform the same actions over and over again. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a widespread condition resulting from the constant use of a computer keyboard. Employers must provide employees with adequate ergonomic support to avoid injury.
  • Emotional and psychological pain is not evident on the outside and can vary in severity. This may be the result of job related stress, a hostile work-environment, and discrimination due to factors such as gender, sexual orientation, race, and religion.

No matter what the harm may be, experienced work injury lawyers will determine the full impact and its cause. From defective equipment and carelessness of colleagues to inadequate training and safety measures, it is their job to establish the root of the problem. They can then determine the compensation they will seek on the individual’s behalf.


The potential benefits to be recovered can vary from state to state depending on their workers’ compensation laws. While some states have a particular dollar amount or rating system corresponding to each type of damage, others do not require employers to carry this insurance. For instance, Texas introduced the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act to protect the employer and affected individual. The rules and outcome for a claim can depend upon a company’s choice to participate in the insurance program. In those states that require compensation for such accidents individuals may receive benefits for things such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Death benefits for surviving family


Knowledgeable job injury lawyers can handle each and every one of these legal details. Not only will they determine eligibility for each type of compensation, they will have an understanding of any relative laws in place in their state including the applicable statute of limitations. In some cases, such as claim denials, permanent injuries, and death there may be a need to further the case in the legal system. Through arbitration or a court hearing the attorney will represent and protect their client throughout the appeal process. From providing guidance and information to taking on the legal proceedings, their main goal is to know and guard the client’s legal rights from start to finish. During an already stressful and even painful time, having a reputable work injury attorney can give the victim some needed peace of mind.


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