How does one know if they need to hire a Texas car accident lawyer? Chances are if you have been involved in a car wreck, your first concern is for your health and for the well-being of your family. However, there is legislation that governs when you are eligible to file a personal injury suit, and if you miss the key deadlines, it is nearly impossible to seek additional damages. Certainly your first goal should be to get back on your feet and recover from your injuries, but the importance of seeking legal advice cannot be stressed enough.

You may think that contacting a Texas car accident lawyer is not necessary because your injuries may not seem that serious. However, one thing that is important to recognize is that many victims are not aware of the extent of their injuries right away. In fact, what may initially seem like a minor injury, such as low back pain, whiplash and even a headache could in fact be masking longer-lasting and more severe injuries. When you contact a legal representative as quickly as possible, they will be able to document all of your injuries as well as the damage to your vehicle and record your lost time from work. Keep in mind that just because you feel “fine” 24 hours after an incident does not mean you won’t have longer-lasting problems.

Insurance companies collect premiums from their customers in order pay out claims as they feel necessary. But it is important to realize that an insurer is responsible for not only paying claims, but for watching the bottom line for the company as well. When you contact a Texas car accident lawyer, you can rest assured that the insurance company will know you mean business and will likely handle the claim differently. You will have someone who has the primary goal of protecting your interests, and plenty of experience to do so. A Texas car accident lawyer can help ensure the insurance company does not take advantage of the victim’s involved.

The laws are confusing, and to those that are not attorneys, the regulations are difficult to read, understand and digest. As a layman, there’s a good chance that you do not understand the Texas personal injury laws, but an attorney that specializes in helping victims in this state will make sure they get the compensation they are due because of someone else’s negligence. You should not have to be a legal expert to make sure that you are treated fairly by an insurance company.

When you have been involved in a wreck, you need a Texas car accident lawyer to represent your interests. Whether the incident was a minor fender-bender that resulted in the destruction of your car and a few days in the hospital, or you were involved in a more serious accident that resulted in life-threatening injuries, you are entitled to protection under the law. Never allow an insurance company to take advantage of you because you are uncertain what protections are extended to you under Texas legislation.