Helping Bus Accident Victims

Bus accident attorneys see some of the worst injury cases imaginable, as the force involved in a passenger vehicle wreck are enormous, both for people inside the vehicle, and for people in other cars. And with summer vacation coming up, there will soon be thousands of families traveling around the nation, many of them through long distance charter vehicles. These families need to know what to do in the event of a crash, and what their legal rights are regarding compensation for any injuries.


Attorneys often oversee claims that involve driver negligence, recklessness, or inattention, and driver error does cause the vast majority of these wrecks. However, even when driver error is the culprit, it may not just be the driver’s fault. If the driver has not been trained on their route properly, their employer may share responsibility. The employer may also share liability if they do not screen their drivers appropriately before hiring.

Employers are also responsible for promoting a safe work environment, so if they push their drivers beyond acceptable limits, such as forcing them to handle multiple shifts in quick succession, they will usually be found negligent.

Finally, the owner of the vehicle must provide regular maintenance for their fleet, including preventative maintenance in the form of engine, brake, and tire inspections. Without these regular inspections, a vehicle is much more likely to suffer sudden mechanical failure, which can cause it to careen out of control.

Sometimes, other motorists will share liability for a wreck. This is especially true if the other driver was violating traffic laws at the time of the crash.  If another driver is responsible for a crash, a victim can file a claim against that motorist.


Injury attorneys will do everything possible to gather information for a case, but a victim can improve their chances of winning a claim if they follow some simple guidelines in the aftermath of a crash. Most importantly, if you are hurt, seek medical attention immediately, even if the injury appears minor. Adrenaline often runs high during a crash, and this may mask pain, even serious pain. Getting medical help will ensure a minor injury doesn’t become a permanent, debilitating one.

If you are able, wait until the police arrive and provide your side of the story to authorities. The police report will set the foundation for a claim, so it must demonstrate, to some extent, which party was responsible for the crash. Also, if you are able, flag down witnesses and try to get their contact information. Witness testimony that corroborates with police and medical reports will be difficult for the defense to overcome.

There is a temptation to avoid legal proceedings and just move on in the event of a crash, but victims have a right to compensation if they are hurt. Hiring knowledgeable bus accident attorneys is something many in this situation do in an attempt to deal with hefty medical bills and other expenses arising from a crash.