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Lead poisoning is harmful to both children and adults and remains a major environmental health problem in the United States. – Environmental Protection Agency.


Exposure to lead becomes a danger to your health when you breathe in lead particles or swallow lead dust. There are numerous places where lead can become a hazard, including your home or workplace. Common items that may contain lead include:

  • food/liquid containers
  • furniture
  • household dust
  • paint
  • pottery
  • soil
  • stained glass
  • water


According to the Mayo Clinic, signs and symptoms of lead poisoning don’t usually surface until dangerous amounts have accumulated in a person’s body. Health effects from lead poisoning can result in the following for children and adults:

  • abdominal pain
  • brain damage
  • concentration or memory problems
  • headaches
  • hearing problems
  • high blood pressure
  • hyperactivity
  • muscle and joint pain
  • nerve disorders
  • reproductive problems
  • slowed growth
  • vomiting
  • and more

If undetected or left untreated, lead poisoning can even lead to death. If you’re suffering symptoms from lead poisoning, you should seek medical attention and then speak to a lawyer. Our Houston personal injury lawyers know the law and will fight for the compensation you’re owed. If your injuries and illness are a result of another person’s carelessness, let us fight for you.