Drunk Driver Lawsuit Process

In the occurrence of a drunk driving accident, any lawsuit filed by the injured party will typically follow a standard timeline. Failure on the part of the defendant has to be proven first to win a favorable result. In many cases, this can be difficult to determine as it is not always easy to prove a person was operating their vehicle dangerously. However, when an inebriated driver is involved in a crash, they are almost always liable for any injuries caused. Still, a personal injury lawyer can help a victim expedite their case in the courts and ensure that supporting evidence is present for the victim’s case.


After the crash, the victim should seek medical attention. If the victim’s injuries are bad enough, they may not have a choice but to recuperate in a hospital. Document all medical treatment and make sure the doctors provide records to support injury claims.

Approaching An Attorney

Once a victim has received medical treatment for their injuries, they should consider approaching a personal injury attorney for assistance with a claim. The lawyer will review the victim’s injuries and the facts regarding the crash. If it appears that there is a case, the lawyer will send a demand package to the defendant. A demand package details the “worth” of a victim’s injuries and can steer the case into early settlement. An attorney may opt to not send a demand package and instead just file a lawsuit against the defendant. At this point, the countdown to trial begins, and it may take a year or two until the case goes to court.

The Discovery Process

In the interim, the lawsuit will enter the discovery process, which typically lasts between six months and a year. During the discovery phase, attorneys for both sides will request information and documentation from one another, ask questions, and produce official depositions of all witnesses tied to the case. The victim and defendant are usually the first people to proceed through deposition. This can be an exasperating time for the victim as the defendant’s attorneys will attempt to undermine the victim’s claims. Having an experienced attorney as an ally will help counter these attempts.

Drunk Driving Lawsuit Settlements Talks

When the discovery phase is over, the case will typically enter into settlement talks. This can be done between the lawyers representing both sides, or with the help of a mediator. After a drunk driving accident, any lawsuit that is filed will often end in settlement. If there is no settlement reached, it will proceed to trial. During the trial, both sides will present evidence to the court, and a decision will be levied by a judge or jury.

Get Help With Your Drunk Driver Accident Lawsuit

This process is lengthy and complex, which is why anyone who has been harmed in a vehicle crash should consider speaking to Terry Bryant and his team of experienced attorneys. Keeping track of all documentation, meeting deadlines, preparing for deposition, negotiating a settlement, and providing representation during a trial can be overwhelming for the victim, especially if they are still recovering from injury. Terry Bryant’s firm will take care of all of this, ensuring that they have the best chance possible at receiving fair compensation.