Following a drug recall, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help any victims who have suffered major health complications due to the medication. Removing a product from the market is more common than most people think. There are at least a few products that are targeted every week, for a variety of reasons. In many cases, it’s because there are undeclared ingredients in the substance. People with allergies, especially those with peanut or dairy allergies, may be harmed by products that are poorly labeled. Some pharmaceutical companies also do a poor job of keeping their medications sterile, which can result in disease outbreaks. In some cases, though, research uncovers serious problems with a popular medication that have gone unnoticed.

Because pharmaceutical companies are for profit, they have at least some motivation to avoid a drug recall. A personal injury lawyer can possibly protect people who are harmed by this motivation to avoid the FDA’s safety measures. While it’s not common, some pharmaceutical businesses ignore mounting research that shows their products are a safety hazard. Studies produced by the manufacturer itself may show an increased risk of certain complications, but these studies may not be published or their results revealed to the public. In these cases, a assistance from a drug injury lawyer is often required.

For instance, multiple studies from 2007 to 2012 showed a significant risk of developing type 2 diabetes for those taking the popular drug Lipitor, but the manufacturer, Pfizer, did not update their labeling to account for this risk. Only after the FDA made it mandatory did Pfizer update the medical information for their product. A lack of labeling information is not just problematic for patients. It is also an issue for doctors. Physicians often rely on labeling information to determine if a medication is safe for a patient to use. If they can’t trust the label and aren’t up to date with research in the field, they may unknowingly prescribe a medication that harms their patient. Even though Lipitor was not removed from the market, Pfizer was found to be negligent in many suits filed against the company.

In many cases, patients aren’t aware of these risks until a drug recall occurs. A lawyer may be considered at this point because the manufacturer may be committing negligence. Many attorneys will pursue action even if the manufacturer pulls the product at the first sign of danger. Even if they act quickly, pharmaceutical companies must thoroughly research the medical risks associated with their products. This was the case with Pfizer and Lipitor. Many lawsuits asserted that the company’s poor research into the medication’s effects resulted in thousands of cases of type 2 diabetes.

It can be difficult for a patient to keep up with recent product removals. The patient’s doctor may be aware of a product alert and the FDA’s website keeps a record of any drug recall. A personal injury lawyer also keeps up with any decisions made by the FDA regarding product removals, prompting these attorneys to lead the charge in having dangerous medications removed for safety reasons.

For this reason, personal injury attorneys are important whistleblowers in the medical field. Anyone who has taken a medication that caused major complications should consider their options by speaking with an attorney. These experts can often help a victim evaluate their case and determine how to proceed with it.