When prescription medication cause more harm than good, drug injury lawyers may be needed to help obtain compensation for the victim. These professionals can help when an individual takes contaminated or poorly labeled medication, or when he or she is harmed by doctor negligence. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for testing these products, but many of their ill effects aren’t detected for years. As a result, a drug may be administered to thousands of patients before studies show its side effects. The complications resulting from harmful medication can be severe and permanent, leaving a victim without the ability to pay bills or maintain employment.

A Drug injury lawyer has to play many roles in their day to day duties. These professionals are often the people who inform the public about dangerous medications. They have to stay up to date on research in the field and be aware of any alerts the FDA passes on. When consulting with a client, an attorney will help the victim gather all of his or her medical information and piece together a case. The attorney will name the defendants in the suit and make certain that evidence is gathered appropriately. Most of these professionals only charge for their services if the individual is awarded a judgment, so it’s a low-risk option for the plaintiff.

There are many popular medications on the market that are now considered too risky for many people to use. Drug injury lawyers can also help when disease outbreaks occur as a result of contaminated substances. In 2012, tainted steroid injections were given to around 13,000 patients in 23 states. The contamination caused an outbreak of fungal meningitis that resulted in several deaths and many permanent disabilities. These outbreaks occur without warning and can happen to anyone at any time. Pharmaceutical companies often manufacture some of their medications in specialized facilities that are not completely safe. During the 2012 meningitis outbreak, a compounding center oversaw the production of the steroids. Compounding centers are typically used to mix and create custom medications for the company. Their products are not approved by the FDA and their facilities are not tightly regulated. Patients often have no idea where their medicines are coming from, and this is one reason why a drug injury lawyer is an important part of the safety process.

Other widely-prescribed substances that can cause major complications include Fosamax, Accutane, Chantix, Yaz, Pradaxa, Difulcan, Topamax and various anti-depressants. These substances can cause a number of major side effects like birth defects, heart and lung complications and suicidal tendencies. The active ingredient in Accutane, Isotretinoin, has only recently been moved to pregnancy category X by the FDA. There is positive evidence that Accutane causes a high rate of birth abnormalities, among the many other complications it is linked to. Accutane was, at one time, regularly prescribed to people with cystic acne. Years after its initial approval by the FDA, more and more victims are reporting life-altering problems after taking the medication.

When a person hires drug injury lawyers, he or she is teaming up with professional allies. These experts will expedite a client’s case and help him or her through the deposition and settlement parts of the process.