Summer Safety PSA: Drowning Accidents Account For Ten Deaths Per Day

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a drowning accident accounts for ten deaths per day. These numbers come from all over the country. However, they are particularly focused on regions that have a high number of pools or a large number of bodies of water. Annually, approximately 3,500 people perish in an unintentional drowning accident. These are classified as not involving any type of water craft. Unfortunately, one in five of those deaths or injuries are children under the age of fourteen.

When it comes to investigating who is at fault or what is the cause of a drowning accident, many choose to seek legal counsel. That would come in the form of a knowledgeable and reliable personal injury attorney. Not all attorneys are experienced in this line of legal counsel, so it will be important to do some research and find out if they are before considering them. This can be done by checking their website or calling their firm and inquiring about their line of expertise. Many personal injury attorneys will offer a no-fee consultation to look over the case as well. So there is no fear in contacting one to discuss injuries or a death that has occurred to see if there are grounds for a case.

A drowning accident is one of the most tragic things that can happen to someone at any age. It is even more so when the victim is a young person or small child. This can happen anywhere there is more than an inch of water. A baby can drown in less than two inches of water. Knowing this, it becomes apparent that water safety is of the utmost importance. It also means understanding what to look for, what to do if it appears someone is in danger in the water, and who to contact if injury or death has occurred.

As the summer months approach, people start enjoying their backyard pools, nearby rivers, and lakes. It makes sense that those that enter the water either know how to swim or wear a life preserver of some sort. However, all too often it is reported that a drowning accident has occurred because either the person did not know how to swim or was inexperienced and did not wear a life preserver. There are other cases where it has been due to improper supervision or an obstruction. When community pools or water parks are not adequately staffed with life guards, there stands a chance that they will not be able to respond to a situation in a timely manner. Obstructions or defectiveness of pool equipment has been known to cause such incidents as well.

Other water accidents occur on bodies of water, like lakes and rivers. These can still be due to inexperienced swimming and not wearing a life preserver. Although, many times it is due to someone else’s negligence. It may be another boater’s carelessness that leads to this type of calamity. Whatever the cause of tragedy may be, speaking with a lawyer will help the victim understand their rights. Filing a successful suit can only be done by a lawyer that is familiar with this field of practice.