Dog bite attorneys are becoming more popular as more incidents are occurring. Like many liability laws, the regulations covering dog bites are complicated to follow and understand. These laws are set at the state level, and are somewhat nebulous in nature, so someone who is injured by an animal may find it difficult to prove his or her case. Because of this, it is best for a victim to seek help from a personal injury attorney who is familiar with incidents like these.

Reputable dog bite attorneys know that the laws governing these attacks have changed many times over the years, and are geared at determining liability in the event of an injury. Several states, Texas included, have common laws that give the animal and its owner one free attack, assuming that the owner wasn’t criminally negligent during the incident. In states with a one free bite law, the first time an animal attacks, it is from then on considered dangerous. If this first attack is done while the owner is violating the law, then he or she is liable for the injury. This may include providing the canine with an inadequate enclosure, keeping it off leash in a public area or provoking it in some way to attack.

If an animal considered dangerous attacks another person, then the owner is liable, no matter the circumstances leading up to incident. This means that the owner is protected from being liable up to the point that the dog bites someone and proves to be a risk to others. At this point, it is very difficult for an owner to avoid responsibility if there is another incident.

However, there is a lot of grey area when it comes to enforcing these regulations. It’s often up to a victim to prove that the canine has displayed violent behavior in the past, as this is something that is typically not kept track of very well. Because of this, an irresponsible owner can just claim ignorance should an attack occur, and there is little recourse for the victim unless they can prove the animal has been involved in previous incidents, but hiring dog bite attorneys will certainly provide a better outcome for the victim.

In Texas, there are laws that demand an owner register a canine with animal control if it causes injury outside of its enclosure. The problem with this situation is that it is loosely enforced, and it’s possible for someone to feign ignorance until the authorities take notice. Some counties have tightened up on this problem by enacting breed specific legislation that puts additional requirements in place for people who keep large and aggressive breed canines.

A number of other regulations concern canine attacks, but these are all up for interpretation by responding authorities, and this can leave a victim in a bind if they haven’t contacted dog bite attorneys. It’s best for someone who is attacked by a canine to seek professional guidance from a lawyer experienced in this area, as it will take an expert to comb through the complicated laws set up by the state. In many cases, even when the animal has committed more than one attack, the canine will not be put down if a claim is made against the owner. Many victims want to avoid any harm being visited on the animal, but when an innocent person is attacked, the owner must take responsibility for any injuries, and dog bite attorneys will make sure their clients receive a fair settlement for the medical bills and trauma associated with the incident.