Considering Legal Help After a Bus Wreck

No matter the circumstances, a bus wreck is almost always a serious scenario. These kinds of accidents account for a great deal of injuries and fatalities. The seriousness of these accidents leads many victims to seek the help of a lawyer.

In most cases, these accidents involve a charter carrier company, like Greyhound, or those specifically designated to casino tours. Louisiana, our neighbor to the east, is flush with casinos all along its border with Texas, and it’s no accident. They rely heavily on traffic from the Bayou City each and every day, which means there are also many companies transporting individuals back and forth. Unfortunately, Houston bus wrecks can be especially devastating because the vehicles involved are much more top-heavy than your standard passenger car. This causes them to be prone to toppling over during a collision, which is one of the main reasons why accidents in these vehicles can be so harmful.

Additionally, when vehicles of this size are involved in an accident, it’s very common for other vehicles to be involved as well. These additional parties may all share a part of the liability with the charter company in the accident. This is why seeking legal representation may be necessary, as the logistics in these scenarios can be quite complex.

A Houston bus wreck is best handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer, one who understands the ins and outs of these types of accidents. An attorney will know where to start on establishing fault, such as the company’s vetting responsibilities or their maintenance on the vehicles. For instance, some charter companies hire third-party businesses for vehicles in addition to their own fleet. When this is done, the company is responsible for the vetting of the driver’s safety record and any past violations. If there are prior instances of the driver in question foregoing safety procedures while operating the vehicle, the company that hired them may be liable.

The vehicles themselves that were involved in the Houston bus wreck are also an area that will be investigated thoroughly by an attorney. If there is sufficient evidence of a mechanical failure, or evidence that vehicle maintenance was not properly adhered to, the possessing company will typically be found at fault. This is because charter and casino tour buses must be regularly inspected in order to pass safety standards. Negligence also plays a role in a great number of these sorts of accidents, either by the driver of the charter vehicle, or by another motorist. Either way, only an experienced personal injury attorney will be equipped to tackle these complicated cases and help secure a favorable judgement.